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A New Day: Rise And Shine Meditation

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Steven Webb
Inner Peace and Emotional Wisdom Teacher
Embrace the promise of 'A New Day: Rise and Shine Meditation'. This transformative practice invites you to awaken gently, harness your innate confidence, and set intentions for a productive day, all while cultivating a deep sense of gratitude.
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10 reflections
Gratitude and Joy
That's what I'm filled with after this meditation today. I'm so glad I found it...what a gem. Thank you! It's just what I need for days when getting up and feeling clear n focused and motivated aren't coming too easily. This helped me enormously. So gentle and powerful too. Much love and light to everyone xoxo
High Vibes‼️👏
I believe this will be a High Vibe start to my day - more so with daily practice. I am focused, productive and energized 🐝. Sending the vibe out to the U with love🥰
Confidence & clarity
Really helped with self belief and visualising a positive day ahead - even with the usual bumps in the road!
I can do it!
Even if I can't quite finish everything I set out to it's okay. I will do my best. I found this meditation very moving, I felt myself smiling through parts and was actually moved to tears at times. Thank you Steven for giving me hope!
Juliana Oppenheimer
What is the edited one you mentioned, what’s the name? I really enjoy and will just add this one to my playlist for now.
Rise and Shine! 🌞
This was an energizing boost to start my day. I feel strong, confident, and ready to greet the day with an open mind. I want to make sure I'm doing things mindfully. I usually check myself if I'm rushing and get overwhelmed. The breathing and the words spoken in this meditation were empowering and positive. So now, I will make my coffee and get to it. Today is a perfect day to be happy and fulfilled!
loved this meditation it helped me relax but feel more energized
Energized and ready for the day
This is a great 3-part meditation. I feel ready to face the day with energetic calm.
Rise and Shine….
Rise and shine is what my dad would say when he woke me up for school each day growing up. I love this meditation. It’s one of my favorites on here. It is just long enough. It is exactly what I need to start my day. I am going to try to use it every day for a few weeks as suggested.
Maria A
Not just another day!I am doing just what is needed right now.
I am having my best life and adjusting to what is new. My garden is starting sweetly and gently. My dog is happy to have other animals around. I can find what I need and more.
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