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A Mother's Day Inspirational Message

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
and past wounds that she has carried largely in silence. A mother, not knowing what it means to live in shame and self-loathing, nor to be misunderstood by those who are supposed to love you the most, is open and willing to be part of a process that she has little knowledge of, and certainly no idea of where it will lead. What makes my clients' story so interesting is the level of commitment that each woman brings into the therapy session that highlights the value they place on one another – a way that they both can trust in. Please join me in this special edition of Life Coaching WISDOM. Namaste! Dorothy MUSIC: Hammock, 'the silence'
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11 reflections
First day
i felt calm at first but my mind started to wander ): It was only a little bit at the end but i just need my mind to be silenced
A lot of this resonated with me. It also reminded me that I'm grateful female pronouns are finding wider use in general contexts. Just using one set for everything gives this feeling of innate incorrectness that passively, over time, can wear someone down just through reading. Glad we're moving in a better direction.
A Mother's Day (so-called) 'Inspirational' Message
Every day of the year is Mother's Day to me — I don't have to wait for an over-hyped (Mother's Day) date once a year on the Gregorian calendar in order to celebrate my mother; therefore, I listened to this. As a woman and a daughter, I tried very hard to like this one, but couldn't. It was 'meh' rather than inspirational. A lot of what is talked about, such as mothers and daughters being courageous to go to therapy to heal past wounds, women bringing in new perspectives in the course of therapy, mothers and daughters being equal in a bilateral relationship etc, were stale news rather than refreshing insight to me.
I learned that anything and everything you say could have a major impact on your partner even if you think otherwise
Full circle
Life has a funny way of circling back around to what we need. There are times others care for us. Sometimes others need our care. Reciprocity in relationships creates harmony. I am thankful for the balance created by giving and receiving.
free yourself
I learned that I need to forgive others in order to free myself
Mother’s Day
I learned that I need to consider how my relationship with my mom is changing and express to her that I feel as equals.
My Reality
It was as though she was there when she was narrating the story 💗 Sometimes life throws you a freakin punch in your guts and it brings you back to where you started. I'm moving forward
Bhumika kochar
Mother's day
I learned that for some time i should keep all my problems side and should focus on the relationship with my mother and should try to build a healthy relationship with her.and try to be happy in her happiness.
It was inspirational.
I learned as a mother one of our major role is to listen to our Children and guide them to understand themselves better.
Eye opening and reflective of my relationship with my daughter. Im quick to judge her thoughts
My role as mother has taken on different meaning. My role is to listen amd times take advice from her
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