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A Morning Spiritual Healing

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Nathan Williams
FdSc Health & Fitness, Meditation Guide
Welcome a healing spiritual light into your morning and feel fantastic. Set yourself up for an amazing day by healing any energies that may not be serving you at this moment. free yourself so you can think clearly and feel healed from within. Hopefully, this meditation will put a smile on your face by reminding you of the goodness that resides within and the potential you have to have a wonderful day. Source energy wants to visit you this morning for a pampering session.
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6 reflections
Have Good Feeling, Will Travel
Ready to try to keep this positive aura all day long. Namaste
First Try
I have a lot of work to do to get to where I want to be. I am having trouble concentrating! I was un able to stay with the meditation Not like me This might need harder than I thought I will not quit !
Great morning refreshment
I needed something that would help me to step out of feeling low, tired and a bit sick. This was beautiful and I felt my body release all the tension. A longer version would be so nice! I didn’t want it to end :)
Morning healing
What a wonderful way to start my day! This was truly a beautiful practice. I really needed it
This meditation has popped up again for me. Time to allow myself to be heal and be okay
I'm having a great day!
I softened into this and felt the light and the joy. I felt empowered. Proud and content about my life and what I've accomplished. I'm excited for what the universe will rain down on me! I'm excited about what is to come. Yay! I'm glad to be alive!!