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A Morning Meditation in Nature: the Power of Directing Breath into Your Heart Centre

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
In this Meditation, you will be guided to merge the powerful energies of your "intention" with breath (life force energy) to co-create the experience that you want and for how you deliberately wish to feel. This is a perfect Meditation to use upon waking to align yourself with your beautiful spiritual nature. Namaste! xo dorothy Find me here:
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29 reflections
Sunshine. Daffodils. Rubber ducks. Bananas. Canary. Yellow is my happy color. When I breathe it into my heart center my worries wash away. My energy increases. My hope radiates warmth across my body. I relax.
I am beginning to understand that we can choose how we feel with these meditations. I love your meditations Dorothy. They have helped me so much. Thank you.
That was a great meditation. I really felt the connection with my heat and mind and outside of my body. I felt a 6 point energy field connected by my breath. It was awesome!
Setting intentions
I liked that this was a meditation to practice upon waking up. Nice to set an intention, focus on energy in your heart space, and set yourself up with how you want to feel for the day. It also gives you a reminder to lean back on throughout the day. Does not need to be done in nature/outdoors as the title may make you think. Really nice.
Love 💕
During this meditation you focus your in breath on your hearts center setting your intention on how you want to feel today. I want to feel love, happiness, and peace today. While I was focusing on my hearts center I could feel light entering my heart. This gave me a feeling of warmth all through out my body. 🥰
The Power of Directing Breath
I learned how much control we have over the impact and influence of our breath simply by placing our intention and focus in the right place. It’s extremely powerful and can make a world of difference.
Power of Our Breath
This meditation shows us how incredibly powerful our breath can truly be! By breathing into an area of our bodies, co-creating our breath (life force energy) and our intention, we can feel whatever we choose to feel in this moment, in this day. We have that power within us! Following Dorthy’s direction, I began to focus my attention on my breathing into my heart center. Because it is my fur kid, Kayleigh’s12th birthday today, I set my intention to feel love and happiness today. Therefore, upon breathing in, I saw the colors of red and yellow merge into my heart center, creating the most vibrant color of orange. Kind of a weird coincidence because Kayleigh is a golden retriever and her nickname has always been sunshine! I am filled with this incredible warmth and joy! Today is going to be a great day! 😁 Happy Birthday Sunshine! 🌞❤️ You are my sunshine, my only sunshine You make me happy when skies are grey You’ll never know dear, how much I love you Please do not take my sunshine, away
Morning meditation
I can choose to be how I want to be in this moment I choose to be calm hopeful compassionate and courageous
Breathing into pain
At this point in my life I have numerous chronic pains from past living. While not a panacea, it always help to do a nice breathing meditation, breathing into my sore spots for the day. I visualize a healing Amethyst light entering my body and filling up my aching joint. As I exhale, I visualize the pain as grey particles being blown out with the used air. After a bit, I’m left calm and pain free. The power of breath amazes me.
Choosing Our Feelings
How do I want to feel today? We can choose how we want to show up for our day by focusing our breath into our heart’s center. This beautiful meditation is a wonderful way to set an intention for your day by choosing a word. This word represents how you want to feel. As I am breathing into my heart’s center, the word warmth comes to mind along with visualizing the color deep pink surrounding this area. Last night, I watched a beautiful sunset that filled the sky with a deep pink color which represents feelings of warmth, beauty, and happiness. These are all feelings I want to embody today. As I continued to breath in this color, I can feel my heart opening up to receive warmth, beauty, and happiness.This feeling is spreading throughout my entire body leaving me smiling. I will spread this beautiful feeling from within with anyone I come in contact with today. Today is going to be a beautiful day! ☀️❤️🌳🌻🦋
I am understanding more the power of the breath, it helps us to center, to calm, to find, to give intentions ,to energise,and strength, it is our power of being.
I am learning to find my breath and realizing how important breathing is to calm the body and find my soul, center. I love the use of colors. This is helpful to me to identify my feelings.
I've noticed how calm and connected I am when I imagine the color orange.
I learned that the mind is very strong and so connected to the body. Also I've learned to let go... Let thing go and just be.
During this meditation, my thoughts distracted me frequently. I felt no difference from this meditation, though I may have felt some if I hadn’t been so distracted.
I felt the most beautiful warm light in my heart Center...and the words that came to me were...I am loveable and loved. Thankyou Dorothy🙏💝
Feel the beautiful color that surround you while breathing in and out
CANCEL! 😡 Please CANCEL Been trying to CANCEL for the past week. PLEASE. CANCEL.
Morning meditation
I felt so connected to this meditation. Helped me release negative energy and have positive energy around me and within me beautiful meditation.
Trying different morning wake up meditations
relaxed, strong and kind were the words that sifted through my busy mind, that the colour purple, particularly amethyst was present amongst a lot of orange and earth tones, I saw a hand holding up a nugget of gem stone as if it had just been pulled from the earth and in this respect I guess if it had just been pulled from the earth it’s the stones first exposure in a millennia to the air and sky , the hand was filthy, but in a good earthy way. Nice starting point for my day, I usually just work on breath and gratitude so was a different and I think good experience.
My new morning meditation routine
I wanted to try a new morning meditation. It was amazing. I felt so much love and peace. I felt the energy through my breathe. I could feel the color energy from my center heart chakra through my breathe and my auroa. Must try for everyone
First mindfulness session
Kind, Grateful and Relaxed were the words that came to mind, and feeling much more relaxed now, I feel prepared to take on what could have been a very anxiety inducing day.
Morning being
I learned to ask my self how do I want to feel/be in this moment and invoke that expression through my breath and even color. My answer this morning was - peaceful and present. I felt myself deepen, straighten and ease. I could feel the sense of pulling in as if previously I was pulling forward like a dog on a leash or more like a mustang in a bridle. I want to be here and full not pulling forward or ahead. I thought of how often I race the clock and realized that I don't want to be that or feel that- instead I want to bring ease and presence to my being. This feels important as something that once served me that is no longer doing so. As I think about with others many times- it is an option for the shelf not how I want to be operating with regularity - especially as I choose spaciousness for creativity and real expression.
While practicing breathing into my heart I felt a sense of gratitude
When breathing into ny heart I found a sense of feeling lighter and breathing gratitude!!
My heart feels better
I learned that I can focus on my breath and improve my being with conscious awareness
Adding the colors to my breath was monumental for helping me locate that peace I was seeking.
I really liked visualizing a color of the way I wanted to feel. Helped me focus better.
I feel at peace. Lot’s to do today but taking a little time out this morning for myself.
I learned to listen to my inner voice of my body. To listen with intention.
I feel better and less stressed. I love the visualization and could hear the wind blowing outside.
I learned to use colour to focus my thoughts to my heat chakra. I like the question “how do I want to feel”.