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A Moment on the Beach

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Irene Zwaan
Hypnotherapist & Energy Healer
This meditation will take you to the beach. feel the sea water, the sun the relaxation flowing inside of you. Refresh your chakra's Good for sleeping or starting your day with peace.
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Sand between my toes
I loved this meditation. I was there, white soft sand slide over my toes, gorgeous aquamarine waves washed upon the shore. Half the sky was daylight with warm sun shining upon me and the other half sprinkles of stars graced a midnight blue vista. Beside me walked my mother, I was adult yet I was a child. The gleefulness of childhood in every step but the knowledge of a lifetime simmered in the background. What Can I say but I love this meditation. Thank you.
Trouble with sleeping? Or just want to get in a nice peaceful flow
Or just want to get in a nice peaceful flow...you can try this🏝
Whant to fall relaxed in sleep?
Try this one... you will feel the beach... enjoy softly and drift away in a nice sleep 🌊🌊☀️
No rest .....no sleep?
Let this meditation guide you into peace....feel the smoothness....
Be there on the beach...
Feel the sand , the waves.... melt... Be one and be on the beach for a moment...relax and drift away🌊
Create a nice moment in the beach..
Go on holiday in your mind and travel to beach.... relax mind and body
Relax on the beach...
Imagine you are on the beach. Feel the reaxation. Let go of all your worries
Beach meditation
A moment on the beach ... relax as if you are there on the beach...
Chill morning...
Also for sleep nice smooth beach meditation. Just relax in a nice energy
Can’t stop thinking 🤔
My mind just didn’t want to quiet down, I guess I just need to think for a while. Maybe l’ll try another meditation that will quiet my mind. Thanks 🙏 Irene
pawn shop adventure
early morning ride up I-16 from Savannah took a few hours dark black pre-dawn sky, red tail lights slowly morphed into pastel purples and blues I drove on through the break of dawn at a rest stop saw a lady truck driver who didn’t look at all like a truck driver or at least my idea of what a truck driver should look like she could have been anyone’s aunt or grandmother, a librarian or a teacher glasses, curly grey hair, pleasantly chubby, kinda waddled along in her comfortable pants and stylish pullover after we both had stopped in the shiny new facilities and stretched our legs she climbed right back up into her big rig and slowly rumbled down the highway I made it to the pawn shop just before ten they were just opening up felt like I was on one of those reality tv shows three dudes the old man was putting pistols back in the glass case as the big guy with the gold chains and scruffy chin beard went to get the digital piano I had bought on ebay the third guy looked at me kinda strange from behind the counter he was skinny, arms crossed, wearing a bulging holster the bearded wonder emerged from the back pushing a hand truck with a massive cardboard box “Here she is! Brand new, still in the original box. We only opened it to make sure it played ok.” I had my doubts but it was too late, I had already made the payment. He helped me load into my truck and I was on my back home by ten thirty. Made it home by three pm my girls set it up while I went for a bike ride to de-coagulate my blood by the time I got back my daughter was playing her working piece it sounded absolutely beautiful. Sometimes we get lucky.
Absolutely gorgeous!
This was wonderful to do in the morning. It really brought me back to a memory of the beach. Thank you for the good memories, Irene!
I feel quite calm after taking this gentle journey inward. I never leave the house except for doctor appointments but with this meditation I can experience and enjoy the beach and sky.
Shifting from fear to calm
I thought it would be nice to begin my morning with a journey to the beach. As I stood on the bluff looking down on the white sand beach I was surrounded by many very young children. The oldest is four and I was carrying her. She clung to my neck in terror. They were frightened but we did go down to the beach where they sat huddled in fear. I couldn’t get them to walk. The beach was empty but they were so fearful that someone bad would come and hurt them that they kept scanning their surroundings . When the part about the rainbow guides began they immediately relaxed as they experienced the warm orange, yellow and red. They shifted from fear to calm. A big step forward. ⭐️ we get a star. 😊
Blissful Moment
Are you in need of a vacation? Pack your bags and let Irene lead the way to a beautiful sandy beach.🏖 It is a gorgeous sunny day at the beach. As I am laying on my lounge chair, inhaling deeply the salty sea air and feeling the warm sunshine on my skin while listening to the ocean waves I am at peace. I decide to go for a walk along the beach feeling the soft sand under my feet I see a group of children flying kites. All the kites are bright colors like seeing a rainbow. As I watch the kites fly in the sky, I am smiling and feeling joy from within. Thank you Irene for a few blissful moments which helped to recharge my spirit. 🙏 I will be back for another trip soon.😉
Chakra Kite
We need to take a break every now and then to replenish our body, cleanse our mind and renew our spirit. In this meditation, Irene takes us to the beach to do just those things. Becoming one with my belly breath, I became aware of my inner body. Sensing any tension within, I began to breath into those areas until the muscles loosened. Feeling a little more relaxed, I visualized myself laying down on a lounge chair at the beach and enjoying the warm breeze on my skin. Sensing the warmth of the sun on my skin, I reached my hands up to the sky to receive the sun’s vibrant energy into my body. Welcoming this vibrant energy into my body, I began to walk along the beach and feel the softness of the sand beneath my feet. Sensing my surroundings, I took in the beauty that I found myself in. In the distance, kites of different colors attached to one another by a string were blowing in the sky. Intrigued, I walked closer to it and saw that the first kite was red. Sensing this color red, I began to feel alert and grounded. Looking at the second kite, I saw that it was orange and I began to feel safe. Looking at the third kite, I saw that it was yellow. Sensing this color yellow, I began to feel happy. Looking at the fourth kite, I saw that it was green and I began to feel love. Looking at the fifth kite, I saw that it was blue and a feeling of clarity washed through my mind. Seeing that the sixth kite was indigo, I began to feel peace. Noticing the last and seventh kite and the color violet, I began to feel connected with all of life. After interacting with the colors of these kites, I felt a sense of well-being. Beginning to sense that my time here at the beach was coming to an end, I sensed my beautiful surroundings one last time. I opened my eyes and sensed that my body was relaxed, yet energized, my mind had clarity and my spirit had been renewed! Thank you, Irene for this amazing experience at the beach! I will visit often to balance my chakra kite. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Staying home no vacation????
Try this meditation and dream yourself away on a nice beach! Enjoy the moment!
Walter J
Irene does it again!! It is always an Excellent time to go to the beach & she takes us there with this meditation. I am lying on the warm sand without a towel so I can feel the heat of each grain of sand on my body. It feels like I am supported on little heated vibratory waves that move every time in rhythm to my body movements. I hear sea gulls as I relax deeply and then shift my focus on the sounds of the breaking waves on the sand. Ahhh... almost too much good to take it all in... I decide I need to cool off and get up to head to the waves. As I stand knee deep in the refreshing surf, I see some kids flying their kites. At first it appears to just be all different colors. And then as I am watching them and walking toward them, they start to align in a vertical row. Red on the bottom, then orange above it, yellow and green, blue above them then indigo & violet. I remember being taught the colors of the rainbow as ‘Roy G Biv’ Then it all clicks as the kites join together and form a dancing Chakra Man! I immediately face the ocean breeze, spread myself out mentally into a sheet 1 molecule thin and allow the wind to sweep out all the negative and unuseful thoughts out of my body as I perform what I call a ‘cosmic clean’ for my Chakras. I pull myself back together and feel so pure & clean. I am ready for a wonderful day! Time for some yummy breakfast so gotta go... Enjoy the day!! 💜 ♥️ 💙 💚 💛 🧡 ❤️ 🌞🏝🍀 P.S. Thanks for another great season Irene! 😘
What happened!
The track kept stopping at different spots. Oh no! I need my Irene!!
Marques Pizarro
Peaceful visualization
This summer, I was on the beaches of Maui, HI, and I used that as my visualization for this session… it was magnificent! I felt tranquil, relaxed, and peaceful, and that is how I remembered my time in Hawaii. Beautiful session, even if you haven’t been to the beach in some time too!