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A Moment on the Beach

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Irene Zwaan
Hypnotherapist & Energy Healer
This meditation will take you to the beach. feel the sea water, the sun the relaxation flowing inside of you. Refresh your chakra's Good for sleeping or starting your day with peace.
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11 reflections
Sand between my toes
I loved this meditation. I was there, white soft sand slide over my toes, gorgeous aquamarine waves washed upon the shore. Half the sky was daylight with warm sun shining upon me and the other half sprinkles of stars graced a midnight blue vista. Beside me walked my mother, I was adult yet I was a child. The gleefulness of childhood in every step but the knowledge of a lifetime simmered in the background. What Can I say but I love this meditation. Thank you.
Trouble with sleeping? Or just want to get in a nice peaceful flow
Or just want to get in a nice peaceful can try this🏝
Whant to fall relaxed in sleep?
Try this one... you will feel the beach... enjoy softly and drift away in a nice sleep 🌊🌊☀️
No rest sleep?
Let this meditation guide you into peace....feel the smoothness....
Be there on the beach...
Feel the sand , the waves.... melt... Be one and be on the beach for a moment...relax and drift away🌊
Create a nice moment in the beach..
Go on holiday in your mind and travel to beach.... relax mind and body
Relax on the beach...
Imagine you are on the beach. Feel the reaxation. Let go of all your worries
Beach meditation
A moment on the beach ... relax as if you are there on the beach...
Chill morning...
Also for sleep nice smooth beach meditation. Just relax in a nice energy
Can’t stop thinking 🤔
My mind just didn’t want to quiet down, I guess I just need to think for a while. Maybe l’ll try another meditation that will quiet my mind. Thanks 🙏 Irene
pawn shop adventure
early morning ride up I-16 from Savannah took a few hours dark black pre-dawn sky, red tail lights slowly morphed into pastel purples and blues I drove on through the break of dawn at a rest stop saw a lady truck driver who didn’t look at all like a truck driver or at least my idea of what a truck driver should look like she could have been anyone’s aunt or grandmother, a librarian or a teacher glasses, curly grey hair, pleasantly chubby, kinda waddled along in her comfortable pants and stylish pullover after we both had stopped in the shiny new facilities and stretched our legs she climbed right back up into her big rig and slowly rumbled down the highway I made it to the pawn shop just before ten they were just opening up felt like I was on one of those reality tv shows three dudes the old man was putting pistols back in the glass case as the big guy with the gold chains and scruffy chin beard went to get the digital piano I had bought on ebay the third guy looked at me kinda strange from behind the counter he was skinny, arms crossed, wearing a bulging holster the bearded wonder emerged from the back pushing a hand truck with a massive cardboard box “Here she is! Brand new, still in the original box. We only opened it to make sure it played ok.” I had my doubts but it was too late, I had already made the payment. He helped me load into my truck and I was on my back home by ten thirty. Made it home by three pm my girls set it up while I went for a bike ride to de-coagulate my blood by the time I got back my daughter was playing her working piece it sounded absolutely beautiful. Sometimes we get lucky.
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