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A Moment of Self-Appreciation to Use Later

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Kristy Arbon
Somatic Self-Compassion Creatrix
Allowing yourself to feel some appreciation for yourself. Things that you've done in your life have lead to you feeling this way. Allow yourself to delight in yourself and all of your good work, and then save this feeling for a time you need it in the future.
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That I need to love and accept my self
That all the options that I have in my life now is because I 've made the right choices in the past !
Love in surplus
I think I may have made some good connections with people in this community. Patty stands out most. I don't want to tarnish whatever image of myself I've projected. But...I'm a very selfish man, so this exercise was easy for me. I feel that being selfish is a priority. You come first, then yours comes next, and finally comes mine. If you don't have a keen sense of self coupled with self ambition, then who are you? What do you, or better yet...what can you impart to others? If charity begins at home, then self-preservation begins with you. Without love and appreciation of self you can't love and appreciate anything or anyone else. I've done things that I think a remarkable all things considered. With no formal training since 2009. I started writing for a local sketch comedy show. Where I also learned to direct. I've since written for several publications, speeches for politicians, Ghostwriter on three independent films, and written over a dozen plays. Four of which I directed and executive produce. I'm friends with celebrities like Dave Chappell, Anthony Anderson, and Sheryl Underwood. All this is attributed to love of self, self-awareness , and self appreciation. I love me! Namaste 🙏🏾
Looking for what feels good in my body today was not easy. I feel exhausted! So I am grateful for that gentle nudge to help me anchor what feels good inside even when I am exhausted :) thanks!
Being in the present means being in my body
And receiving the joy the body offers at all times. It is when I ignore it that I fall to illness. Otherwise, if I listen, if I give way to a perpetual dance, that is what happiness is!
If I keep my mind in the present...
My body tells me everything I need to know at any given moment...
I learned that
it’s just as important for us to appreciate ourselves as it is for us to appreciate those around us, and the more appreciation we have for ourselves, the easier it is to be appreciative for the role our loved ones and others around us play in our lives.
After thought
For when the past is returned all the past and present form fit into reason we can’t put forth
Savoring the good
It’s so easy to dwell in negative thoughts, feelings, sensations, and memories. It’s effortful for me to savor the good, but that effort is so important in building self-compassion.
Appreciate One self
It feels so good to take a moment to appreciate oneself for the good that we have done as well as for our achievements. When these good things have a positive impact on ourselves, family and / or this community, then it is an awesome feeling. A moment of self - Appreciation. This feels good!!! Savor the Moment and retrieve the Moment when necessary!!!
A moment
Good to take a moment to appreciate all that has lead to today. Good to appreciate the journey and where you are.
Saved good feelings
I can use the good feeling of this very moment in future. I may have need to remember the feeling of well-being in future. When the time comes I will relive this saved feeling.
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