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A Mindful Cup of Coffee

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Cindy Wolk-Weiss, BSW
Mindfulness Meditation Teacher & Healer
When was the last time you truly enjoyed a cup of Coffee? It doesn't count if you are running around getting ready for work and you take a sip here and there, or driving in the car stuck in traffic, or downing one just because you need this immediate boost of energy! I am speaking of when was the last time you actually took a seat and fully focused your attention on savoring the taste of the coffee?
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Stop and Smell the Coffee
I really appreciated this meditation. I'm a pragmatic, tactile kind of person, and sometimes I struggle with meditations that are all internal. Focusing on my external mug of coffee was a fun way to start the day.
Simple everyday mindfulness
Just taking the time to focus on the simple act of getting a cup of coffee can count as mindfulness - I get coffee almost every workday, and I am now going to try and practice this mindfulness each time.
Mindful coffee
I know this will sound a little goofy but after listening to this track I discovered that the best way for me to learn mindfulness is to apply it to the things I love. I’m from the northwest.....and I love coffee. But I never loved it this much. Until now. Thank you.
Great way to get a little more mindful each day
This is an easy and relaxing way to be a little more mindful each day
Just reading the description,
I realize I truly savor my first cup every morning. From the first glorious sip to the last too sweet drop, I really take the time out for this one small ritual each day. I even get up 5 minutes early to make sure I can have the time to not think and just enjoy. ☺️☕️
☕️Morning 🥛☕️ 🍶🥄Coffee ☕️
Good Morning begins with☕️🍶🥄Coffee in the morning is worth every drink. As you drink it it warms your body makes you feel relaxed prepares you to get ready to go out in the world. The smell wakes up your senses. The cream gives you a boost of flavor. The coffee makes you alert to start your day. If your coffee drinker her you understand the smell the taste the feeling that picks you up and you become ready for the rest of the day.Hope you enjoy your day.☕️🍶🥄
Being a very tactile person, I deeply appreciate having something concrete to focus my meditations on. Like the feel, taste, and smell of a cup of coffee.
I have noticed that....
....starting my day with a cup of coffee ☕️ just makes me so happy to go on with it! I usually just make it with the OTHER Coffee meditation, but this is a Groovy practice too. Thanks! 🙏
This morning when I took my first sip of coffee I decided I wanted to find a coffee meditation to savor my cup of coffee. I settled on this track which really should be in the life lesson or story section. Cindy talks about being mindful of the first step you take to brew your coffee by smelling the beans and watching it brew. Then as you prepare your cup and finally savoring that first sip. Noticing any sensations as the warm liquid is going down your throat. That first sip is like magic to get my day going.
In the morning
I don’t drink coffee but I do drink tea. I enjoy the feel of making and smelling the aroma of tea, there is something about these things that bring me so much joy and happiness. I’m the type of person who finds the simplest things to be relaxing and joyful
Sensing how you are in the morning
I noticed that, as she was telling me to become aware of sensations in my body, I felt a strong hunger. I hadn’t even noticed for the first half hour of today that I woke up very hungry for breakfast until I stopped and listened. It’s very important to your self care to stop sometimes and listen to whatever your body needs.
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