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A Message You May Need To Hear

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Lou Redmond
Coach & Meditation Guide
A supportive message to help you appreciate what you have so that you can enjoy your life to the fullest. This short talk shares an Epicurus quote that will help you find balance and savor your life's journey. Photo by Ravi Sharma on Unsplash
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9 reflections
Berit Roos
Here and now
I learned to really appreciate my NOW! It is the best. Not start anticipating the next!
Ocean view
Thankyou so much for this reminder. I always wanted to wake up and see the ocean. I live across from the beach now and my gratitude and appreciation for this is my reward for seeing the water every single day. 💞💞💞
A message
Wow, I did need to hear that! I need to be happy with my achievements. I need to say, I am proud of this step instead of what's next
The journey is the gift
I focus too much on achievement and often rob myself of the present. This was a message I needed.
Thank you
I just found you as a coach, I love your universalist attitude. I was raised Protestant, but baptized Catholic as a baby. But as I have gotten older I have enjoyed learning about more faiths and beliefs. I definitely want to hear more of your coaching & meditations!
A good reminder
Though I haven’t reached the career pinnacle I dreamed of when starting out in music, I have attained a high level of mastery and spent thousands of glorious hours on stages all over the world.
I Already Made It
The life, education, certifications … etcetera I have now, is what I dreamed of 5-10 years ago. I’m going to take time and sit in this acknowledgment space and appreciate it.
Enjoy the now. For it once was only a dream.
Just be present.what I have now was at one time just a dream.
A short one
A short one but I needed a short calming meditation or story before sleep. I was on a very bad mood today. Bitching myself for not being perfect. Although I already know it's not the way. I need to hear something. And this came out. Thank you. It would be great if there is more like this. Sometimes we need to hear something from the outside world. Not only the world of our minds.
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