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A Meditation on 'P R a Y E R'

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Prayer is a form of direct communication with the divine - it is the beautiful way in which we access sacred wisdom, truth, and it is how we experience the most profound source of spiritual love. Prayer helps remind us of our oneness with all of life; that we all are truly a reflection of the love that resides within us. Prayer helps open us to this sacred connection with the divine and the knowing that we are this incredible oneness and beauty of love unfolding - of love in service of others - of simply being love. Please join me in this sacred meditation on prayer. all my love, Dorothy Music Credit: Stellardrone, 'Galaxies'
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11 reflections
Very peaceful 😌
It made me remember that prayer doesn’t always have to be a petition, it can be a simple heartfelt projection of gratitude and your heart’s desire. Thank you 🙏🏻
Casper’s Memorial Service
Smiling on the outside but really crying on the inside. I completed this meditation with the loving support of all of you, the Divine Aura Tribe. You are my source of strength and support; kind in action, loving and generous in spirit. Thank you especially to Patty, Deb, and Angel, I love you all, This meditation is incredible. 😇
Connecting with the Divine
Words are a limitation when it comes to connecting with the Divine. The Divine is so far above words. Heart to heart is definitely the best way. Words can serve as an entrance point but the heart must follow or the words will be sterile.
heart meditation
Wow what a powerful meditation to connect to my heart I never felt so good Thank you God for helping me find this
I’d like to repeat this meditation soon. I think I did it too late in the morning (cat, news alerts, outside sounds, etc.; though I do believe that our pets and all of nature can be God-bearers) ... so many auditory distractions. So I will repeat it at a quieter time, I think!
it was hard to focus on the waves and see them in my mind. i have so much going on i cant focus. u do feel more relaxed though.
Great reminder to literally just speak with source. Be open and you might even be surprised at your own words.
When we allow ourselves to relax, we become aware of our breath. When we are aware of the subtle in- flow and out-flow of our breath, we sink into Being. When we sink into our Being, we are given the beautiful opportunity to communicate in the form of prayer with our God source. Settling in, I became aware of my breath. After awhile of focusing on my breath, I became aware of my heart center. Feeling emotions from this place, I began reading the current energy flow in my body. Breathing into this place, I sank into Being. Feeling the warmth and love that Being gives me, I was brought into this beautiful light. It is this light that I began to pray to my God source. Asking for wisdom and understanding, I felt a love like none other I’ve felt before embrace me like a warm hug. I am grateful for this powerful experience! Thank you, Dorothy! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Certainly felt calmed and relaxed but....
This might sound silly bit I felt on ask to "open" my heart chakra a weight was there and felt blocked not open or free and despite numerous attempts at mindfulness I really struggle,for my mind not to thing about other things constantly unintentionally.
Communication with the Divine. Connecting the part of myself that is divine, with that that is Divine. Sitting with God.
Margaret Jones
Focus on prayer
I felt more relaxed. Inner work is what I need almost daily. However, rarely do I pray.
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