My 2021 Goal
We start the year off making a New Year’s resolution because we have a deep desire to improve our well being.Instead of making a New Year’s resolution, I choose a word for the year. My word of the year anchors my daily life. It guides the choices I make throughout the year. My word for 2021 is “Resilience”. I have chosen this word because I want to continue working on my ability to recover quickly when life throws me a curveball. Breathing into my soul while visualizing a bowl, I reflect on my why for choosing this word. I want to feel calmer, grounded, and happier. All of these things are filling up my bowl. As I drink these words into my being, I feel a golden light filled with hope and faith entering my soul. I am feeling revitalized. Anytime, I am feeling adrift, I will remember my word of the year while refocusing on my breath which will bring me back home to myself. When you make your New Year’s resolution(s), ask yourself these questions: How do I want to feel? How am I going to apply this to my daily life? Lastly, trust your intuition. Wishing all of you a year filled with health, happiness, and the motivation to work towards becoming your best self! 🥂