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A Judgmental Mind Meditation

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Cindy Wolk-Weiss, BSW
Mindfulness Meditation Teacher & Healer
We tend to judge ourselves and others very harshly. I invite you to join me for this short meditation to quiet the judgements.
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8 reflections
Cindy: your amazing meditation should be longer! Most people never realize that judgment is a two-edged sword. It speaks more of the person in judgment than it does of the one being judged... there is a sick need to judge. Our self-judgment comes from a society that has conditioned us to be who we are not. Living up to others experiences and limitations. As with everything in life, it all comes down to a choice being made: either live a life that is false or live the life You were destined for. You are terrific. Not perfect. I love you just the way you are, for who you are! Thank you Cindy! ❤️
Love and happiness
I learned to accept the judgmental and let it flow out as I breath because I deserve love and happiness. The session should be longer it was helpful.
Walter J
Great guidance on this powerful short meditation! She packs a lot into 3 minutes! I love the fact she gets us to offer Blessings to ourselves!! We typically do not do that enough and some have a hard time doing it at all. But it is Crucial to Love yourself first, we should all really fall in love with ourself! For several reasons : 1) We must love our selves 1st so others can too. Put Law of Attraction to work for you! 2) You cannot give away something you do not possess. Need to have love to give it. 3) We have been instructed to Love our neighbors as ourselves. Thus the need for number 2). 4)Our Creator loved us enough to create us in the first place, so who am I to not love his perfect creation? I need to Love me, His child/creation! Listen to Cindy, Love yourself more then Love your neighbor! Repeat! ❤️✌🏼🍀
Heart beats heartbeat
Being able to feel what we felt during any given memory reminds me how powerful our minds are. To be able to take ourselves back to any moment we remember.. even the not so pleasant moments.. is a gift and a curse. Thankfully, we can offer ourselves kindness in the present moment.. as we feel our humanness with each heartbeat, as our heart beats. We remember that we are living, breathing human beings and deserve the compassion we offer to others. Placing our hand over our heart is like a warm embrace. Telling you..Yes, I am here. And I am breathing. I am alive. And that is enough.
I learnt that I deserve 😌 kindness. Treating myself as I would my best friend or anyone other than myself resonates with me.
My judgement mind
Whilst searching for a moment when I was judged by others, I searched hard but couldn't find any. Hence, through this meditation practice, I realised that all the heavy judgement I faced only came from myself and my own mind. I was judging and criticising myself heavily in each every little aspect of my life. I figured I should start nurturing and gift loving kindness to myself, instead of being my own critic.
Releasing judgment
Very relaxing and calming. My mind is clear and I love myself. It feels so good!
As I would tell a friend...
It's okay to take time for yourself! Don't feel bad or judge yourself for doing so. You must take the time you need for yourself to become whole again and love yourself completely before you can love others to your fullest potential.
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