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A Good Day Ahead Morning Meditation

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Chel Rogerson
Intuitive Wellbeing Coach, eRYT-500
Set yourself up for a great day ahead with this morning meditation to expect good things. By expecting the best, we can let go of anxiety and open ourselves to a world of possibilities. Leave a note and share what good things you expect to come. Please say hello at
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3 reflections
Beginners Mindset
To add a sense of awe and wonder to my day, I will move throughout my day using a beginner’s mindset. This will also help me to be open to any and all possibilities that may come my way.
New beginnings
I would like to start more of my days with movement. Creating a routine for my body to get connected with how I’m feeling that day. A mini yoga practice. Breakfast, a walk, make up, meditation, planning, aligning with my goals.
Morning Java
I have been wanting to integrate a quick meditation practice while still in bed. Starting the day with affirmations, gratitude and intentions opening my heart to the day ahead. Love this❤️
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