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A Glass of Milk

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
Listen to this heart warming story of how kindness comes back to you - what comes around really is what goes around and you can make such a difference to someone with a small act of kindness.
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In the blink of an eye, a simple and thoughtful kindness to a stranger can change a life forever. Kindnesses are remembered, they grow in size and spirit, and are often returned in the most surprising and unimaginable ways to the original giver. This story is filled with honesty and truth. I just saw this very thing play out in my daughter’s life yesterday! She received the most unexpected surprise!!!
You never know what can be really meaningful...
Sometimes a seemingly simple thing can really mean a lot to someone. You don’t always know the struggles of others. That little kindness is worth taking the time to do. I try to do things for others, and I try to acknowledge others who do things for me. Saying a mere thank you may not seem like much, but the appreciation may encourage the person to continue kind acts. The idea of paying it forward is much better for the world than if everyone expects immediate repayment for everything.
This meditation taught me that whenever you do something for others, good things will return back to you. “What goes around, comes around”
Good lesson for all
Proving that even the smallest of favors can bring huge rewards. Don't do favors expecting reward though. Help others because you should.
We Never Know
Thanks to Matt, I listened to this story once again. I had forgotten listening to it several months ago, until Jiva(the story teller) began telling the story. Extending kindness to others should be done “just because” our heart tells us it’s the right thing to do. We never know what that kindness means to others. Like the woman in the story, I have had kind gestures that I had completely forgotten about returned to me at the most unexpected of times. I have learned just as the woman in the story that kindness from our heart is much like a boomerang, returning to bless us. 🙏🌷🌺
This story was a great reminder that what comes around, goes around. Doing small acts of kindness to others not only makes us glow for a moment, but you never know how that small act of kindness might have changed someone else’s life. In life, it is truly the little things that matter.
What’s in a glass of milk?
When I first saw the name of the story, I thought to myself, what could be a glass of milk. Things that came to my mind or how milk is strong, supports growth, and ultimately nourishment especially in the formative years. Everyone needs their own class of milk, but we may never know what that glass of milk is to those around us. What humbles me in the story is not necessarily the ending, but rather no doubt that same boy when he grew up continuing to do kindness for others despite the challenges before us.
Glass of Milk
No kind act is small. Every little kind act is the change that the world needs to see. They add up into an abyss of love and kindness and, that is always repaid back.
A Glass is Milk
It never hurts to be kind. Give what you can freely and one day it may come back to you. If it doesn't, you were still kind!
One act of kindness
You are doing footwork into others lives, making a big difference - never know what you may need in life. Entertaining love is priceless- but acting out of dark intent is poison.
A glass of milk
Be kind... you never know who you will be helping. It is always good to show kindness.
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