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A Fresh Start

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Heather Gilmartin, LMSW
Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher
Approach each day with the perspective that is genuinely a fresh start. Take a few moments to simply breath, and ground yourself before jumping into the day. Use this meditation as a reminder to live mindfully and take your day one step at a time.
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A Fresh Start
I loved this mediation Such good reminders to be present in every moment of my day.
A Fresh Start
Love love love this. I, personally, tend to view each day as a fresh start but without truly letting go of the previous day and the future and simply focusing. I tend to focus my attention on what I’ll make better or what’s happening further into the day. Ultimately, however, focusing on the moment leaves you more fulfilled once the day comes to a close.
Marilyn Monica Salih
A fresh start
Relaxed deep inhaled and exhales can definitely focus and quieten your mind .
Fresh Start
What a nice reminder to slow down and be fully present in my day. There are so many little gems of wisdom, so many chances to learn and grow during my day. I will take today one moment at a time.
Resting in Now
Sitting on a bench in my backyard, I took in a deep breath into my belly. Focused on my breath, my body and mind relaxed in the Now. I decided to put a soft gaze upon some leaves ahead of me and I immediately became memorized by the slow dance they were having with the gentle breeze. Resting in Now, I took it all in and smiled to myself. Closing my eyes, I turned my attention to sounds in my surroundings. I heard wind chimes and birds near and far sing their distinct melodies. Resting in Now, I took it all in and smiled to myself. I turned my attention to feeling points of contact. Feeling the bench on my buttocks and upper legs as well as my feet on the ground, I embraced the support I was given. Resting in Now, I took it all in and smiled to myself. As the meditation came to a close, I was reminded to take one step at a time. Resting in Now, I took it all in and smiled to myself. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
I noticed a calm and it felt so relaxing wow just a few minutes
I can relax myself I such a short timeout enjoyed it and that’s all I have to say right now
Walter J
Resting in the Now, not thinking about it… hearing what is going on around me, but not thinking about it… feeling the bed supporting me , but not thinking about it… starting a new day, and it is going to be the best one ever!! That is what I am choosing to do today! 💪🏼❤️🍀
thanks a lot to EVERYONE behind this app. i feel much better and my days are much better too.
jess 🧡
a new day
everyday is a new beginning. a new start to do what you strive to do. a new start to put all of your last behind you and focus on what is ahead. the future awaits, but no matter how much you focus on the past, there is nothing that can be done about it 🙏
A fresh start
I was reminded to be more mindful as I go about my day and to give every activity my full attention. This is great advice for adults with ADD like me!
Fresh Start
A fresh start. A new day to practice compassion. A new day to be kind to ourselves and others. A new day to be present for everything. This is what today is. As I settled into an upright position, I imagined a hook extending out of my head, elongating my spine. Alert and comfortable, I brought awareness to my breath. As I focused on my breathing, I could see thoughts of yesterday and tomorrow flash behind my closed eyes. As my breath as my anchor to the present moment, I allowed those thoughts to just pass by. Here and now, this is what all that matters. Calm and relaxed. Clarity. Present. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
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