32 min

A Daily Meditation Practice

32 Min
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Neuro-Trauma Informed Mindfulness
This meditation will start with a brief minute of movement to prepare you for stillness. We will then notice touchpoints, breath, mind, mood, and body sensations, five senses. Following this, we will then engage in ten minutes of silent meditation before returning totally and completely to the present moment and the remainder of your day. This is a great meditation to do daily.
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Marques Pizarro
Re-centered and still
This practice was wonderful. I feel more relaxed and at peace with my environment, with others… with myself. During those 5-minutes of silence, I felt absolute stillness within myself and my thoughts. Coming and going like leaves down a stream, I observe them and bask in the warmth of my breathing. Beautiful way to regain clarity in your life and re-center yourself.
Meditation Dsily
Goodness, where to begin. Loved the movement beginning and end. Discovered my breathing was very shallow. Upon taking deep breaths, with eyes closed, l saw particles in my out breath which told me I need more physical activity and deep breathing. Sounds were wonderful, strong winds outside and my dog snoring. Longest meditation session I’ve done & I struggled a bit during last 2 silent sessions. But thought in all, it was great. Thank you.