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A Conversation with Your Inner Child

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
In this guided meditation, you experience how to connect with a younger aspect of yourself, to provide what was needed at that time - and likely what you need in this moment. As you are guided in this meditation, notice how your attention and love directed towards your inner child has the remarkable effects of healing the past, and offering what you need in 'this' moment. Music: Powerful Relaxing Delta Sleep & Healing Music Brain Waves For Deep Relaxation Therapy by AFwcxx
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5 reflections
Need to try again.
I will have to try this one again. While I could connect to my breathing and younger adult self, I really had trouble finding my child self. My mind kept wandering to different images in the past. Still was a great meditation, just had trouble finding my inner child.
This made me cry
I love this. Every bit of this. The first image of myself that came to mind was when I was 7, newly set aside sibling due to my newborn sister, rejected from the class because I was weird, “not beautiful enough” as my mum would say, “not smart enough” as my dad would. But I also remember that version of me, that smiling face even when her teeth was incomplete, that childish giggle, that curious mind, that shy kiddo, those chubby cheeks.... Thank you, little me. All the pain and troubles you’ve endured have helped me be who we are meant to be. Just hold my hand, little me, because I am scared to grow up, scared in the same way that you’ve felt before. But I know that you’re steadfast faith will help even the most stubborn adult me. Thank you for not letting that precious smile and laughter to change. Love, adult you
Dorothy , you are amazing.
Thank you beautiful. I learned that you are my favorite person and voice for resting the best.
Intense anxiety today
I noticed that my anxiety took all day to subside and the help of medication and when I was finally ready for a meditation I was nervous about one that brought up hard memories, but I ultimately found it soothing to talk to and cuddle with my inner child. And I learned about some needs that weren’t met that I didn’t know I had.
Connecting with my inner child
This meditation made me cry. This is something new for me, as I have never cried with just feeling my emotions. I was always taught as a child to never show this side, as it is a sign of weakness. People will take advantage of you if you show them your weaknesses. I always had to pretend to be strong and I would internalize all of my feelings. The only time I permitted myself to cry was through a movie, and relating to a character and what they were feeling. It feels really good to acknowledge my own feelings which I obviously had never done before. I need to learn to acknowledge me and my feelings more. Locking them away doesn’t do me any good.
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