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A Better Way To Practice Gratitude

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Lou Redmond
Coach & Meditation Guide
This inspiring short talk discusses a way to practice gratitude without needing to compare ourselves to others. Gratitude is one of the best practices to bring more happiness into our life, and this insight provides a helpful perspective to take full ownership of our thanksgiving.
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A Better Way To Practice Gratitude
I suffer from anxiety & depression. They say it’s a chemical imbalance in my brain. I think it’s from a family that couldn’t show love & a 41 year marriage to a mentally & verbally abusive husband. I am on medication & see a therapist who is wonderful. I have made great strides & practice gratitude every day. I’m grateful my God has brought me to a beautiful place to live, given me 2 beautiful dogs to love, friends who are more family than my own, I am able to volunteer at many different places giving me joy to see I’m helping others. I am not jealous of what others have because I have God’s guidance. I am grateful for every day God gives me. Yes, I fall back into the darkness every so often but with all the help & belief I now have I am able o crawl back up faster than before. Always give thanks to God for what you have & where he’ll lead you.💕
I learned that my comparing was exactly as you said…guilting. Thankyou for opening my eyes to this. I treasure gratitude with an open heart for what I have and for who I am. 💝
I’ve been listening for over 80 days and this is the 1st comment I’ve made on a session. OMG!!! THIS. IS. EVERYTHING!! Eye Opening!
Helpful Reminder
I started my gratitude journey 4 years ago. I wanted to feel connected to the beauty of my life, for all things good and challenging. I’ve been implementing gratitude from this perspective ever since, but to hear it be acknowledged was very powerful and just reminded me that we can be grateful without guilt.
Gratitude contributes to peace
I’ve learned that being grateful isn’t something comes naturally per se. Our human instinct is to want more, it seems hardwired into us, or at least most people. Me included. Sometimes “more” isn’t always better. When we experience suffering it does remind us to be grateful for what we have, or have had in the past. “You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone” as the saying goes
While not specifically focused on feeling grateful for what I have that others do not, I do find myself constantly using other peoples success or failures as a yardstick for my own. I will try to actively compare my current self to my former self, and to refrain for comparing myself to others. This may be hard, but I will acknowledge this if/when it does happen.
jess 🧡
differnt approach to gratitude
i absolutely loved this little practice. seeing gratitude as not an obligation or a chore and seeing it as something that comes from within is life changing ❤️
New perspective
I really enjoyed what you had to say. Too often my gratitude has come from a place of ‘well I don’t have it as bad as others’ and it never felt good. Your advice has changed how my attitude of gratitude will be. Thank you. It feels more honest to me ♥️
Great reframing
Thank you for this short and spot on share. It was a powerful reminder to have perspective and focus on my own lives experience, not in comparison to others. The gratitude that resonates from authentic feelings and experience is so much more powerful! Thank you 🙏
This was a great start for this gratitude series! I appreciate the perspective shift and the reminder to go deeper into authentic experience.
I loved this first talk in the series! Thank you. In some of the children’s books I write, the main character is truly grateful at the end. I agree, that, along with love, it’s the highest emotion.
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