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A 12 Minute Meditation for Self Soothing

12 Min
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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
When we learn to self-soothe using healthy means, we feel peaceful, calm, and connected to our inner nature. Use this gentle breath meditation as a helpful way of soothing yourself and providing self-love and nourishment. Namaste xo /// MUSIC: Endless Journey by Gray
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2 reflections
Walter J
For some reason I had a hard time letting go completely into this session. Maybe I had too much sleep last night? Maybe the earache I am experiencing? Not entirely sure... she has a soothing voice that made me want to relax, but I kept resisting...?!?
So good!
I learned to be a little more settled before doing my meditation…Joy kept spilling within for no good reason blurring the listening. Much gratitude is felt, elation is good!
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