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9 Lessons for a Peaceful Life

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Tudor Alexander
Follower of Jesus Christ
In this recording, I share with you nine simple life lessons that I try to come back to time and again to help me live a more peaceful life.
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Failure is only failure if you fail to learn anything from the situation
I learned that it’s important to gain acceptance of who others are but acceptance of myself is equally important. Enjoying the little things in life makes all the difference.
Positive attributes
Focusing on the flaws or shortcomings of others does them and myself a disservice. I should focus on their positive attributes. Doing so will help promote harmonious relationships with others.
The dance of life
Rather than trying to figure things out, participate. 9 lessons for peace. Don't reason away things. Just be you.
Peaceful Life
Don’t be perfect, just be intentional and bold and inspired. Listen to the music and dance! Understand less and participate more. Love these messages.
Invigorating approach to life
So many wonderful lessons in this well-written piece. The most invigorating one I learned is that all the time I spend thinking about my past or future what-ifs prevents me from fully participating in my life right now, with joyful presence.