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8D Morning Meditation For Energy & Focus

6 Min
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Dr. Liz Slonena
Mindful Hypnotherapist & Sleep Expert
Revitalize your mornings with this potent focus and productivity meditation. Featuring brainwave entrainment binaural beats, it cultivates positivity and enhanced focus for better energy. The practice combines mindfulness and hypnotic suggestions to boost time management, reduce anxiety and stress, and bolster your confidence and control. Empower your subconscious with improved time management habits for your health and wellness journey. Presented by Dr. Liz Slonena.
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2 reflections
Focus on Goodness
The gentle stretching along with taking a couple of deep cleansing breaths calms my busy mind. In this session, we focus on what is working well for us this week. For me it is my mind and body is in alignment. Prioritising self care. Having enough energy each day to accomplish what I need to. Focusing on what has worked well for me brings a smile to face and fills my spirit with gratitude. It has been a good week.
Morning mindset
Loved how she encourage us to set an intention for the day.
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