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8 Ways To Raise Your Vibration

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Life Coaching
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Tina Stinson
Life & Health Coach
Every single thing in the world has a certain vibration and to put it super simple, some things are high vibe (more positive) and some are low vibe (more on the Negative side) and then there are a bunch of different vibrations in between. So why should we want to vibrate at a high vibration? Because this is when we feel great, we are feeling love and joy and ease in our lives. In this recording learn 8 ways to vibrate higher daily. To learn more about Tina Stinson and Deep-Level Self-Care head over here>>
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2 reflections
Raise my vibration
Excellent information! I learned different ways to easily raise my vibration. From what I eat, to how to move myself out of a low vibrational state. Also, the benefits that my inner self and my body will experience when doing these 8 things. Most importantly, being consistent and adding these to my daily routine will train my mind to remain in this higher vibration much easier as time goes on. Super informative. I'm very excited to use some of these that I know need attention.
Raise vibes
I loved this one nice and simple things to help u raise your vibrations! Raising vibrations helps tremendously and these simple things can be done daily to put me in better mood!
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