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8 Ways To Fall In Love With Your Partner

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Suppose you and your partner desire to re-calibrate ~ to experience the feelings of love that were once so powerful and to know a newfound level of intimacy and closeness. In that case, each (and all) of these best practices will help immensely in experiencing new love in your existing love relationship. Please reach out to me if I can further help you towards this goal of rebuilding and nurturing new love, intimacy, and compassion. Namaste! Please also be sure to listen to the full version of this track for the complete list.
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I fall more in love with my wonderful wife of twenty years (well, nineteen married...twenty together) EACH AND EVERY DAY! It's simple when you're bound to your best friend, your perfect mate. I know not everyone is, but we got lucky right off the bat! I like to think we were made for each other, bound together long before we actually met in person! We've talked at length about this, and we’re fairly certain that we must have at least been in the same place, seen each other, LONG before we got together as adults! We're fairly certain we went to Disneyland together in our teens without knowing it! Comparing time frames it would be possible! And given our mutual love if the theme park and all things Disney, hardly surprising!
I noticed that I was tearing up a little. I also thought that I haven’t been doing some of these as much as I would like in my relationship with Nate. I also thought that I’m not sure how to get quality time with him because he doesn’t seem interested or gets too distracted.
Luck? No.
I have learned much over a marriage of 40 years; I/We have learned much! (1) “You’ve trained your husband well.” NOT! In the beginning, each of us began a relationship filled with expectations, assumptions and demands. Which is more important - your expectations or your marriage? (2) Your marriage will succeed only to the extent of what you put into it. Replacing “me,” “myself,” and “I” with “We” and “Us.” (3) When you get married, you will never get what you ask for. But if you work at it, you will get what you need.
This was perfect! I’ll be married for 26yrs, I completely love my husband and feel he is my soulmate, but feel we are drifting.. this meditation gave me insight to reconnect and learn who he is today 💗
I learnt that its time I made an effort to reconnect. Been married for 36yrs to my husband. We struggle to find things to do together. Lots of changes in this stage of life. 🥴
Love takes effort
intimacy and making sure you and your partner are “current” with their thoughts and needs takes communication
Falling in love with same person again
I really used to know David but who is he now? How does he see us now how do I see us. How can I move past old hurt. I’m living in yesterday. I have to get with today if I want a tomorrow
8 Ways to fall in love again - life coaching
Talk talk talk !!! Talk with your partner you “think you know”. Keep on talking. I ended a relationship of 25 years. We never ever had deep conversations. He was a violent narcistic man with words ánd deeds. I needed him to ga away as he cheated on me also. My man now I do all the opposite. He knows me inside out and vica versa and this feeling is great. We still let each other have some free space what’s normal. Not suffocating each other.
As soon as I started listening I was shaking and crying.
I am yet to find the love of my life; my first love (sweetheart) has moved on and now I’m doing the same!!!! 💪🏻🕺
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