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8 Ways To Fall In Love With Your Partner

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
If you and your partner have a desire to re-calibrate ~ to experience the feelings of love that were once so powerful and to know a newfound level of intimacy and closeness, then each (and all) of these best practices will help immensely for experiencing new love in your existing love relationship. Please reach out to me if I can be of further help to you toward this goal of rebuilding and nurturing new love, intimacy, and compassion. For more please find The WISDOM blog here: Namaste!
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Dorothy: my wife and I will be celebrating 4 decades together. ‘’Happily ever after” does not exist. Many couples begin their relationships with the mindset of “now I will change him/her.” This will never work! Life-long relationships are, in truth, the toughest task you will ever have! You must work at your marriage every moment of every day (for us, 40 years). And it will not be easy. The greatest challenge will be entering into the relationship with your “expectations:” she must be this, he must obey, etc. A self-absorbed, unrealistic fantasy. Admittedly, I have felt us becoming “distant.” Perhaps taking each other for granted after so many decades. Your life coaching on this subject is what I need. I am a very determined man (my wife says “you’re stubborn” LOL). I will do everything I need to return our marriage to the intimacy we have. Every man must accept the fact that she is the greatest miracle of your life! To keep her, you must work at the relationship - always.
Very happy
I was feeling pretty disconnected in my relationship. Though it’s only been 5 1/2 years daily things like work and whatever else seems to have consumed the attention we use to give one another. I was feeling worry and fear about the lack of connection we had currently. I kept asking what does this mean? (And that causes the snow ball effect) . It’s comforting to know this is normal with long term couples and the suggestions in this video were like lightbulb moments for me. Something that seems it should be obvious but you have forgotten until someone says it. Great video. It brought me much comfort and confidence. 😊
It continues to amaze me that my wife and I continue to remain SO in love here after over 20 years together (approaching 20 married in December). I think a big part of it is that we remain best friends to this day! No one can make me laugh as hard as she does! Or shares as many of my likes as she does! Strangely? Our forced sixth month vacation from each other very likely STRENGTHENED our relationship! Of course I was often in tears in the hospital missing her, waiting anxiously for each visit! For my Jill:
When we have been in a relationship for many years it is easy to become complacent. Take one another for granted. If both people have a desire to reconnect and make the relationship a priority, you can fall in love again. Dorothy offers 8 wonderful tips to help you and your partner fall in love with each other again.
Such a great message and so kind and simply put. Thank you for the steps and the care and enlightenment.
Loved this, needed to hear these steps, everything you said was logical & true
Need to have amnesia to progress, not hold on to the past & to show kindness, appreciation, compassion thru love 💙💖
I feel exhilarated.
to close out 2020 and enter into new and exciting possibilities in 2021. My husband stands firmly in support of me, along with my parents. My staff team are dedicated and open to continual improvements within the process.
I am going to see what else you have to offer. This was a great starting point for me and my relationship
Taking for Granted
It’s me. I am preoccupied. I go through many of the right motions, but she can tell she doesn’t have my attention, that she’s not part of big new ideas. Worse, I can hardly remember what love even feels like. At this point... hurt. And that’s on me, too, not her. This sounds like faking it even more.
Thank you
Thank you for helping me open up my eyes . I can see we’re myself and my wife need to work on to learn to continue to love our selfs and each other . Please continue to make more of this teaching about relationships and love .
Rich and true
This track is very rich in content and ideas to nurture and take care of a relationship that we want to last and invest in. I’ll have to write down some of the ideas and suggestions to apply them. Thank you.
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