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7 Ways You Might Be Creating Self-doubt

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Coach Lio
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If you are not intentional about what feeling you are cultivating, you might be reinforcing an existing, negative pattern. You can overcome self-doubt, lack of self-trust, or self-esteem in a nurturing, growing manner once you become aware of these patterns and become intentional about what you are creating.
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Self doubt
This one really spoke to me! Will be listening to it often. Simple but true!
What I like to do is listing at least 3 things that I did that day that I am proud of. They can be small, like doing the dishes, or big, like finally finishing a project. While listening to this, I realized that I don’t relate to most of this anymore, however, a few months back I totally would. Not sure if it’s because of this, but eh, it’s free and could help some of you so I think it’s worth a shot. Best of luck y’all =)