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5 Ways to Experience More Inner Peace

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Taressa Riazzi
Life Coach and Hypnotherapist
In this audio we explore 5 things to put into practice to experience more inner peace and positivity.
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Inner peace
Thank you for these tips. I really need to work on being able to set boundaries without guilt.
Inner peace
I realized my mindful Gratitude practice has shifted to just a few days a week as part of my in-the-office routine. I will work on adding this also back into my in-home days. Thank you- Namaste
Inner Peace Tips
5 ways to create more inner peace in your life: Setting Boundaries: This is one of the best things I learned in therapy.Boundaries are essential for healthy relationships. Gratitude Practice: Helps us focus on what is going right in our lives as well as shift our focus on abundance. I just got back into writing in my gratitude journal. There is a gratitude journal here on Aura. Meditation: Meditation has many positive benefits to our lives. The biggest benefit I have received from it is learning to respond rather than react to a situation. Diaphragmatic breathing is the perfect way to find your inner calm in challenging times. Social Media: What we read and watch has a big impact on how we feel. It is important to stay informed. However, if the news or social media is causing additional stress in your life it might be worth taking a break from it. People in your circle: Are the people in your circle lifting you up or bringing you down?
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