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5 Steps Towards Self-Love

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Tina Stinson
Life & Health Coach
In this recording, I'll give you 5 questions to ask to see if you are in alignment with yourself and then 5 steps to help you start to get back to you, back to self-love! To learn more about Tina Stinson and deep-level self-care head over to https://www.tinastinson.com
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I learned that I have a ways to go to self acceptance and self love. I appreciate this track for giving me some actions to take to remedy this.
Wow, this was powerful. I even set up a playlist just so I could find it and repeat it as needed.
Self Love
I learned the basic principles of self love. It's painful to get negative feedbac from people you care about when you are your true self. That's the hard part for me. Suggestions about changing my hair to how to properly make a recipe. Or how to act. When this has happened, it's someone that is manipulative and finds my calm way of being threatening. They are not in a good place. They are faking it as you mentioned. It's not painful anymore because my instincts guide me to greater things and people. Away from the negative and things that no longer serve me.