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5 Minute Mindfulness of Breath

7 Min
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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
This is an unstructured and 'open' practice for you to be attentive to breathe as you experience 5 minutes of mindfulness. This is a great meditation to experience and observe what you are attentive to during mindfulness, and as you may wish to begin meditation practice without guidance. The meditation closes with my voice and a reminder of how the practice of mindfulness helps us to use our conscious choice to experience the richness of each moment, and to know our self intimately and with confidence.
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A little different
I like the guided meditations, but this one had a little of both (guided and open). I was able to focus on various ways to breathe, i.e., normal breathing, deep counted breath, belly breathing. I learned that 5 minutes of various types of focused breathing is kinda hard and tiring. But I’ll try it again with normal breathing. And of course, anything that Dorothy offers gets high marks from me. 🙏
Quiet mindful w/river sounds
I liked this one bc it gave me 5 mins of quiet, unguided mindfulness. I did put the river sound in the background, it was soft and soothing. It gave me time to enjoy being present in the moment and absorb the feeling without any interruptions. This is why I sometimes just listened to nature sounds, it helps me get centered and calm. It motivating me to take this feeling with me though-out my morning or to work. Thanks Dorothy🙏
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