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44 Minute Sitting Meditation

44 Min
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Jaisa Sulit
Mindful Self-Compassion Coach & OT
This longer meditation allows for a deeper cultivation of body and mind awareness.
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Slow starts
Taking time to center myself in the present each morning helps me prepare for the day ahead. Connecting with my body reminds me of my fragility & humanness. This gives me the strength & comfort I need for the moments throughout the day.
That was the best meditation I have achieved! 44 minutes of sitting and being aware of my own awareness.
This was a pretty long one for a newbie, and I wandered several times due to external distractions ... the wind outside, my unfinished coffee screaming my name, my cat deciding that now was the time to snuggle. So ... except for venturing outside to stand in the wind, I went with the inputs, and tried to be in the moment with them as they happened - the taste of the coffee, the softness of my cat’s fur under her chin, the feeling of her purring while she lay on my chest. And I was able to come back to the meditation - so it was good! I want to repeat this in a more intentional time and way, when I am a bit more experienced at meditation and able to focus a bit more effectively.
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