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3-Stage Breathing Space - Responsive

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William James Davies, DCMT
Psychotherapist & Mindfulness Teacher
The 3-Stage Breathing Space meditation is ideal for bringing your meditation practice into your daily life, and this ‘responsive’ version is intended for those challenging moments. As this is a mindfulness practice, the intention is not to avoid the difficult thoughts, feelings or sensations, but to bring your mindfulness skills into this moment; shifting out of autopilot and really being present. Once you have become familiar with the structure of this meditation (and the standard 3-Stage breathing space, which has the same basic structure), try to practice it by guiding yourself through it several times a day. You can spend as long as you wish on each stage, from a few breaths to a few minutes or more. Then you’ll be able to use this mini meditation at anytime you find it helpful to bring a mindful moment into your day. This practice is taught on the Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy course, and I’ve found many participants find this version particularly helpful.
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Easy & Effective
The 3-stage breathing space is a very common practice in mindfulness. Every time I do it, I feel less stressed and more grounded. William guides you through each step, so it is very easy to follow. I recommend everyone to try this short practice!
This meditation allowed me some patience I am now ready to conquer whatever the world has to throw at me
I am just exhausted...I keep falling asleep... ughhh. I don't know when would be a better time for me to meditate but life has been very fast lately and to even get in a few minutes is tough. I learned that I need to prioritize my health more.
Calming voice
The anger I feel when I wake up, can slowly dissipate after bringing awareness to ‘the whole of my experience’
This meditation is separated into three stages. In the first stage, recognizing and becoming aware of any thoughts or feelings and letting them be. The second stage, using the breath to anchor you in the present moment and the third stage, bringing yourself to acknowledge your body as a whole, sensing any sensations that your body may be telling you. By the end of this meditation, your mind is clear and your body is rejuvenated. By doing these three stages throughout your day, you are practicing mindfulness. Have a beautiful day! 🙏🏻❤️😊
Tried this session based on my friend Cherish’s reflection today, and unless I'm mistaken, this practitioner is the same one who lent his voice and teachings to a mindfullness app was invited to beta test earlier this year! Herein, as in that other app, he does an excellent job of developing a habit for mindfulness, which would be a GREAT jumping-off point for a new mindfulness practice. Highly recommended for new users here at Aura or as a refresher for long-time tribe members. Now, on with Sunday!
Walter J
3 - Stage Breathing...
WOW!! I do not normally have long titles to my reflections but this session was phenomenal. I hope I can express All my thoughts I just Experienced with it. First the 3 Satges: 1) Awareness - of what is going on. Label it & let it go. Feelings, sensations, etc. Experience it - but do not attach yourself to it. It is not you, you are just (temporarily) ‘vibing’ with it momentarily ... (unless you tune your Focus onto it). 2) Focus - on your Breathe. I was just sharing this idea w/ my good friend Julie yesterday... Breathing real deep... slowly...completely filling lungs, chest & belly with fresh energy... holding for as long as you can... then exhaling slowly...squeezing belly to back to get all the used energy out of you... & this is where it gets interesting. The calm NOW unfolds in front of you...endless time & space open up & you are exposed to the All-Powerful, All-Wise, All-Encompassing... Unified Energy Field - God - The X...(Unknowable) But then it comes to a screeching stop as I start to inhale again... I relapse back into this state as I hold in my breathe ... & it disappears again as I exhale. A light goes on in my mind... the NOW is accessible when we just existing... (not doing anything) Deeeep! 3) Expand - Focus Awareness on the bigger picture - You in your particular, momentary environment... I was doing this already. Then it hit me, the 3- Stage process is kinda like a big breathe in itself. Start - go in - go out. This will be Very Beneficial to use to quickly ground yourself in any situation. I know, because I have done it for years without knowing it has an official name! Ha Thanks WJD, Aura & Cherish ( I did this day 2 because I was not shown the real Day 2 as a choice for me today... how’s that for living in the NOW!!) ❤️✖️🍀
Love breathe work!
I am just starting my practice of meditation and mindfulness and realizing my need for this before I start my day. I recently lost my best friend and this is helping me to acknowledge my pain and appreciate it, while also learning to appreciate myself.
In the moment
Taking time out to breathe, center oneself, and be, live in the moment, is how I live my life, in this, and every moment.
It's been really relaxing, I felt like starting again after releasing my thoughts away.
3 Stage Breathing
I started my day with this meditation. It was nice to be reminded that thoughts are temporary and that you are not your thoughts.
I am not my thoughts. Those come and go so they are not who I am