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3-Minute Morning Ritual

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Henry Raess
Holistic + Somatic Coach
Create a brief but powerful ritual by taking time to breathe, ground, attune to your body, and elevate a part of your morning routine with gratitude.
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2 reflections
Man! That was just released to me….
….& I really appreciated it! Thanks for sharing this…. By the by, I wake up to the Coffee Meditation, but this is so Groovy! & Coffee on! ☕️☯️🐝☯️☕️
Oh, I realize that I did this a few weeks or months ago
But I just want to share this. I’m just a little sick (& no, it’s not with COVID, my roommate/best friend, Paul, gave me a test). But really, listening to my house, and I just listened to the weather, & it’s so stormy! So that’s what I decided to write about. Okay, I’m just going to listen to the Coffee Meditation now…. 🫖☯️☕️🐝☕️☯️🫖