Three life saving questions
The quote from Marcus Aurelius, “The quality of your life reflects the quality of your questions,” was perfect for me in this moment. I was full of big questions as a kid, teen, young adult. I was more able to find my voice as life went on but still heard that voice echoing, “Sometimes I think I brought the wrong baby home from the hospital.” Well, guess what, you didn’t. Today in my mid 70s I’m having a Big Life! Lou, I wrote down all your questions and will again when I add them to a notebook that is always close to me. What if nothing is missing?!!” Indeed! I’m a widow now but if I find I’m short on hugs I look for another woman who looks as though she’d be receptive to me asking, “Would you share a hug?” I’ve been turned down only once in the 15 years I’ve been asking. I joined a group of people in a coffee shop and asked each one of them for a hug and only a fellow perhaps 10 years younger than me declined. Much later in the day he pedaled up my driveway after asking someone in the group where I lived. He opened his arms, we enjoyed a brief but firm hug and he was on his way. Next projects are about forgiveness and getting back to making art. “Nothing is missing.”