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3-Anchor Meditation

3 Min
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Deanna Burkett, MA, MS
Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher
When we are stuck in reactivity--fear, sadness, anger, restlessness--awareness can feel tight and small, like tunnel vision, and in this contracted condition it's difficult to break old habits or to see possibilities for new thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. This 3-Anchor meditation can help with softening and widening awareness, to give ourselves the space to move more freely and intentionally. Please feel free to reach out with thoughts, questions, or objections! I would love to hear from you. Deanna
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3 anchor meditation
This meditation was an excellent lesson in mindfulness. I hope to recall the suggestions through out my day🙏
Earbud advice
I found taking one out as they suggested really did help improve the meditation
Mindfulness practice, being aware, is giving me a bigger perspective on my world, I feel calmer, gentle I my attitude to myself and others, less judgmental
Grounding at 3am
I felt every awareness that the instructor brought me to, all in such a short time. I have issues with dissociation and it’s pretty much constant lately. This really helped me ground into my body and it’s kind of exciting feeling my hands and feet tingling as I write this, when I’m usually completely unaware. I’m very thankful