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3 Signs-Time to End Your Relationship

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
If you have ever questioned your happiness within an existing love relationship; the best source of guidance to rely on is your inner wisdom. It's something that you can hone easily simply by going within to ask and then answer wholly honestly, "Is this the best person for me - to be in a relationship with?" "Is this the best possible partner that I could choose for my life?" and "Will this person always seek to add to the quality of my life?" These guidelines will help you feel more confident in your decision-making, and also help you trust what your inner voice is telling you. Let these three 'signs' help you determine if it's time to end your love relationship.
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11 reflections
Very true
I know at times I ignore my inner gut I’m working on this and it’s difficult at times. The more I am understanding my wisdom I am becoming more at ease and calm as I pay attention to my inner voice
Believe in your innerselves.
How easily we ignore the fact is the begging of going downhill. Our innerselves nvr lies.
Dorothy has once again given a true insight into a genuine love we all crave. More importantly the spotlight is on what we don’t want in a relationship! Comparing the two together allows us to make the right choice about what is best for each of us. Finding the best in the right kind of love that’s wisdom!🌈🌷🌅
Worth Listening To
This is a great help in determining what’s best for you, who’s best for you and how to go about ironing that out.
I just love dorthys insight into relationships she has a great mind . I’m so grateful
I learned I am maybe giving more than I get but I’m in the right relationship and I’m grateful for that and this app has been amazing 🙏🏼❣️⚡️❌❌⭕️⭕️🔥🔥
Hearing it from someone else
I learned that every sign is a problem I’m currently dealing with in my 5 year relationship. Brought me to tears to hear what I already knew in my heart.
I’m not alone
I’m in a long term relationship which most days feels more negative than positive and I need guidance to either heal the problems or be brave and end it. That is a big decision and I won’t decide until I’ve delved deeper into my feelings.
ROCD is lying to me
I learned that my relationship ocd is lying to me about my partner. I was nervous to listen to this, because i thought i’d learn that i should break things off, but this secured me. i know that my partner is the right one for me right now. the signs she said to worry about, aren’t in my relationship. i feel bad, guilty, for having doubts because of my ocd and intrusive thoughts, but this actually made me feel more safe in my relationship, and made me feel stronger
What is a good partner
I am not a good partner and that my partner should really leave me. I do t contribute to his happiness and safety, I am violent, I am untrustworthy, I have cheated. All signs he really should leave me. I am not the person I was when he married me. I want to be that person again. I loved her. Alcoholism you destroyed me. I want to be who I used to be. I want to be who Thierry fell in love with. I want him to feel safe and that he can depend on me. I want him to feel he can trust me again and not look forward to being disappointed and hurt and let down and breathless. Dear God please give me the courage and strength to be that person again and be all that I want to be.
Thanks for the Help
I have a good friend named Grace and we used to fight ALL OF THE TIME. My friends were telling me that I should be friends with her anymore because it is not a healthy relationship. Thank you a lot for this. 😀
I really needed to hear that I am in a very unhealthy relationship right now and I feel very stuck
I need to make changes. I need help doing that. I’m afraid
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