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3 Part Breath for Better Sleep

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Amy Kerman-Gutzmer
Yoga & Infinite Possibilities Teacher
Three-part breath is a calming breathing technique that can be used to help us prepare for sleep. Use this meditation at bedtime to relax into your night of calm, restful sleep.
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jess 🧡
preparation for sleep
honestly i wasn’t really tired so i felt that this meditation didn’t fully work with me, however the breathing techniques taught in this practice were a really good method to relax the body before you are about to sleep
Meditation is always good for stress and sleep
I learned that if you meditate it helps kill all the things that stress you out through out the days and nights and helps you sleep all night long and ignore all the loud sounds around you even when you have lost someone you have loved so much and I meditate all the time and I love meditation and I love that meditation helps you relax and stay calm and helps you be at peace and quiet while you sleep I just love meditation I noticed that once meditation is over I am relaxed and ready for sleep
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