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3 Life-Changing Abundance Affirmations

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Affirmations are a perfect way to give you a little boost to start your day or end your day with some delightful thoughts. Repeat these affirmations in a light meditative state will make lasting positive changes in the mind and begin to generate positive changes in your life with practice. Notice the boost in your energy immediately after you do them and throughout your day. ~I am enough ~I can have it all ~I am prospering and thriving in all areas of my life You can repeat these life-changing abundance affirmations throughout the day, silently or out loud and you can write them in your journal to boost your abundance.
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I felt burdened as I woke up this morning. My head pounded with a headache as my alarm went off. Yesterday I woke with such happiness and hope and today I just feel doubtful. Doubtful of my choices in life and where I’m headed.
It felt uncomfortable at times, because I don’t believe I feel I deserve to be happy and have good things. But this is good to do to force me to be positive and start the day.