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3 Life Practices To Guarantee Happiness

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
I secretly come back to each of these best 'life' practices often, throughout the day. They help to ground me in what is truly important and to live as my highest self. I hope that you will treasure them also. Authentic happiness is your natural state. It is what you feel whenever you are present in each moment. Join me here for a glimpse inside this list and find the full episode here: where we dive into the practical wisdom to embody each of these three life practices as a conscious and deliberate choice. Simple practices for living authentic happiness. Namaste! Love Dorothy
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Resonance & Attraction
The line about radiating positive energy and thus drawing more of it to you out in the world stood out to me. On the flip side, if you are exuding anxious energy, you will just attract more of that, rather than attracting the peace you need. It's way easier said than done, but you need to find the means to break the spiral and change what is within.
I don’t really like this I wanted to meditate more not have another session with my therapist
Everyday practice
I felt happiness and clarity. It feels good to practice the truth, being love and being grateful. Its almost like these three things are at my core.
Truth, love and appreciation
Pull me out of denial. For a moment, warmth rushes into my body. A smile crosses my face. Happy memories seep into my mind. I let go of past hurts. I forgive myself and others. I accept my feelings.
Morning listen
Found it hard to connect with her words this morning I think I need more sounds and music the words were meaningful I just was not in that place
I feel as if I’ve taken a few steps back today in my journey to being a more positive, happy and nicer person but hearing this has made me feel like I can still get back on track.
I’m really hard on myself and don’t give myself enough credit when I deserve it. But I’m also obsessing over outward appearance which hinders me and will continue to hold me back from living in the truth and seeing the beauty in others.
Being one
I learned that being true to yourself is one of the most important things in life. Being true can create a pathway to happiness.
Deep Breathes
I learned that to keep myself from being distracted, it's best for me to take a few very deep breaths, close my eyes, let go of everything around me, and just relax.
enjoy life’s blessings
I felt that I should appreciate life’s blessings but my life itself is a blessing. thank you. “Correct yourself when you notice that you are more concerned about appearances, then being completely transparent” - Dorothy Ratusny Made my day!
The Secret to Happiness
Truth, love and gratitude are the three secret ingredients to a happy life. Be honest in the things you say and live out your truth. When we are preoccupied with appearances we can become worried. Release that tension and just be yourself. Love yourself and those around you. When we spread acts of loving kindness to others, we are often rewarded and feel good about ourselves, which can bring us joy. Find time to appreciate the beauty of life. Gratitude is also key to finding happiness.
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