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3 Good Things

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Hannah Castillo
Mental Health Counselor
People, by nature, often give more attention to negative experiences. Positive psychology is a field of study that suggests that people can lead happier and more fulfilling lives by learning to shift their focus away from the negative and adopting a more balanced viewpoint. The 3 good things exercise, when used consistently, can help you to become more aware of the positives in your life. It can help to promote gratitude and happiness.
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29 reflections
I really enjoyed this exercise. I am going to use it daily to help increase my awareness of the positives and to encourage more positive choices in my life.
Tuesday morning
Bank account is not negative For girls ready for school w no tears/upset Dan dropped coffee
Focus on 3 good things from the day. Then consider how they came about. The unscheduled team call. Lois initiated and everyone else agreed. Team took time out of their day to come together and set some intentions for the year. Everyone liked the LIA accountability. Getting up early and doing a short yoga workout helped start my day. Having a podcast to listen to. I am grateful for the leader taking time to put the training together.
A work opportunity Ability to get back to sleep Time for coffee before work
Good things
Feeling prepared for my meetings. Showered and shaved. Helped a colleague.
3 good things.
I woke up at 5am & went for a run Had a cold shower Enjoyed work with the boys
Watching Aiden play in the sand - I want focused on a schedule or timeline, but just went with the natural exploration of my 4 year old
Feeling the sun - chose to get out of the house versus staying inside Making cinnamon rolls - listened to my sons idea and decided to just go with it!
Three good things
1) I had good solid sleep and woke up refreshed and energized …I was well rested and didn’t feel I was rushing around. I felt grounded and more centered and not so worried 2) I felt good about being able to buy the things I want and need without worrying about the cost as much because I consolidated all my bills and I’m not overwhelmed with pay many credit cards with high interest rates spinning my wheels 3) I reached out to people and gave energy and space and it was reciprocated and I felt good it was fulfilling and I was content because I first stepped out of my own box to give I was able to receive
3 Good things
I slept good, ready for a great day I am getting better BG readings, which I continue to work on and get better and better I’m feeling good about my ability to get better and live a more productive and active life
Three good things
The joy of my newborn niece being born and my sister being safe and healthy.I am joyful that after a crazy pregnancy and in the midst of a pandemic that all is well💕 The simple pleasure of talking to my 7 year old son After school and knowing how deeply we are connected. Our heart centered connection adds so much peace and joy to my world. Being able to enjoy my barre class and know that my body is strong and healthy.
Good things…
- Earlier to bed - Wrote and edited poems, a play, and time book - meditated one hour How they came about- My role - 1- I went up earlier Other’s role 1- Ann mentioned benefits M role 2- loved fixing QMark and other 2- Lori, good collaborator My role- 3- I consciously decided to take the time to be still Other’s role 3- Gina Lake’s advice and Dandapani.
Three things I a grateful for today.
I made it to work on time. I have a full time job. I love coming home.
Three good things
I am responsible for many of the good things in my day which shows that I am the one in control of my own happiness.
3 Good Things
I worked 39 hours this week and wasn’t too tired I completed all the laundry and organized my closet I let my guard down
Made me think about more about gratitude
I might not have understood but now I have a better idea what gratitude is or was or how to utilize it Now I have somewhat better understanding More sessions will clear understanding even more
Three things to give gratitude for:
1. I took my Dad out shopping. He bought me a few things. We had a nice day together. 2. I had the day off so when I went out with my Dad he bought me two patterns to make my 5 year old granddaughter Gigi dresses. 3. I texted my daughter and she helped Gigi pick out the two fabrics for these dresses. I can hardly wait to sew.
Good mood
I learned that meditation keeps me going and keeps me happy and positive:-)
Very good!
I read a million times about writing three positive things on a journal but never on this perspective: how did I contribute to it? What decisions did I make or attitude did I take to make it possible? How did it change my feelings / day / etc…. Will try to apply it!
I’m seriously liking my meditation and people are always letting me know to relax everything is fine
Meditation is always good for me because I’m always annoyed and tired and sad or stressed out with every thing I broke down and turn on some music and I sang I was at peace and quiet and sometimes when I am sleeping I hear god saying I think you are going to be ok Margo I handled everything because he sees me and I sometimes feel sad because I’m missing my family the only thing that is upsetting me more is my dad we’re close extremely close and I really don’t want to lose lord if I lose my dad I don’t know what I’d do
Good things
I learned that thinking about good things increases my happiness and well being.
I learned that joy is in us all. I need to be mindful all day every day.
I need to start mediating. The calmness really resonated with me.
Mediation I need to find a retreat and go away. I just feel anxious leaving my kids for too long. I feel like I need them close to me.
I wasn't feeling this at all. Nothing stayed with me. Just neutral.
הרגשתי שקצת קשה לי לחשוב על דברים יותר
מצד שני כשעלו לי שני דברים טובים עלו מהם נוספים למשל העובדה שישנתי טוב ורצוף שקמתי לפני נדב ולא לצליל הבכי שלו
3 good things
I learned that identifying at least 3 good things daily can help shift thinking.
This really helped and I’m going to do this more often. I was able to identify 3 things and it made me feel happy thinking of them.
3 Good Things
I learned that If I focus on the good things then my overall well-being will get better.
3 great things today
I woke up early & listened to Aura. I was also able to start my bike ride earlier, shower, & start work earlier.
Three Great Things 9/26
Today, my boss, who is a very busy elementary school principal, took the time to call and check on me, which makes me feel valued at work. I have been sick since last week, and she texted me previously, but today she took time to call. My doctor’s visit was super. She and I talked in depth about my symptoms and I really felt listened to. I’m glad I really opened up to her. My husband is so supportive of me, especially while I am sick. I felt like this was just a virus, but he talked me into going to the doctor today. Turns out I’m starting to get bronchitis and luckily, it hasn’t dropped into my lungs. Caught just in the nick of time! Thanks, Mark!