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15-Minute Breath Practice

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
The breath is our best friend in mindfulness practice, giving our minds a place to rest and settle where no effort is required. For many people, breath practice offers a place of respite and peace from the daily whirlwind, and a longer practice gives more time for the mind to rest.
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5 reflections
peaceful and good space to meditate
Ideal length for me, not too much talking to cause distraction. Peaceful soundscape, let down slightly by interruption in water sounds as loop stop/starts
I agree that taking time to focus on the breath brings your mind rest/calm. I am a cConductor on a
Commuter Subway. My Conductor position is and during the hight of rush hour the Train is directly inside the Car , near the Sash window , exposed with the Passengers. Therefore There are Passengers squeezed in around me. The Passengers are mostly quiet, just wanting to get to there destination which is for most , a 25-30 ride. At times I feel some anxiety among the crowd and within myself. I close my eyes, say a prayer, and focus on the breath. I mostly like to body scan, its my favorite way to get my focus away from my anxiety. I appreciate that Meditation can also be done while standing . I will continue to practice the breath and hope to get better. Scott Carson
Focus Muscle
Noticing sounds in our surroundings, sensations in our body and our breath are one-pointedness things, or one point of focus we can use as an anchor to the present moment. In this particular meditation, Jiva has us rest our awareness on our breath. If we are in an uncomfortable stance, we probably won’t be able to meditate for long. Thus, taking a moment to check in with ourselves by doing a quick body scan can help us to get comfortable. I checked in with myself and adjusted my shoulders. Now that I was comfortable, I was ready to meditate. Placing one hand on my chest and the other on my stomach, I rested my attention on my breath. After so many breaths, my mind would wander, as minds are notorious for doing. Each time I noticed this, I would bring my attention to rest back to my breath. Every now and then I noticed gaps occurring in between my thoughts. It was in these moments where I felt a sense of freedom. Having this sense of freedom from thinking, I felt an inner peace grow. Having this inner peace, I was free to just be and observe how my entire body breathed effortlessly on it’s own. Since meditating, I have informed others of its many benefits. They have told me either that they can’t sit for long and ‘do nothing’ for fear of falling asleep or they feel they are doing something wrong because their mind can’t focus for long on one thing, such as their breath. As I have said to these people and as Jiva says in this meditation, our mind will wander. It is what they do. The key is to take note of when it occurs, with a nonjudgmental mind, and bring the focus back to the breath. Over time, our focus muscle will get better. As a quote says, “We don’t have to be great to start. But, we have to start to be great.” Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
I really appreciated the space in this meditation to be with my own breath and have periods of silence in between the guidance. I was able to recenter myself well many times. I tend to use a mantra when I am straying too often in thought. Breathing in “I love myself“ breathing out “I am loving awareness”. What a wonderful start to my day. Namaste.
Centering and Focusing
This meditation centered, focused, and left me open-minded and open-hearted. A wonderful medium-length meditation for beginning the day or resetting.
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