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10-Minute Grounding Mindfulness Practice

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
A 10-minute practice to ground and center you in the moment. Very helpful for when the mind feels hectic and scattered or emotions feel overwhelming; also helpful if you feel fine and want to stay that way!
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11 reflections
The breath, body contact with chair, floor...
It's normal for the mind to wander and don't have to get caught up in the downward spiral of anxiety. I can feel my body supported by a chair, the ground and feel my breath at any time.
I loved how she said my mind is like a puppy and i have to call it back to heel!
I live this meditatio!
Its easy and so simple. Feel so calm after this. Will save this one and use it often!
Really should have escaped from the distractions.
Left the TV on...wife watching another show on her iPad. Didn’t want to interrupt everyone and everything to accomplish tonight’s Aura session. Looking to relax and get to sleep before tomorrow’s LEGO Robotics Qualifying tournamemt with my youngest daughter’s FIRST LEGO League Robotics team. Have to be there at 7:15! I THINK the kids are prepared for this competition! Whatever happens, I know they’ll have fun!
What a great way to begin the morning! Feeling centered and ready to take on any challenge!!!
A puppy in the park...
Thoughts are a wandering puppy in a park. Lead them back gently. Love that thought. No reason to be angry or frustrated. Calmly guide the mind back to the breath. What a wonderful illustration.
What a peaceful way to start my day off before work. Just really really good.
I thought about the people who recently brought me joy. My mind just kept going back to them.
Family is what you make it. So many people supported me and saw the potential I knew deep down was there. They allowed me to be that person again.
Dropping in
I love the encouragement that mediation is each our own experience... If our mind wanders, that’s okay. Simply recognize it when we do wander and eventually guide our thoughts back to our body. All the while, feeling into how different parts of our body are feeling in the current moment.
Simple and Calming
This meditation is relatively simple but calming: just focus on the breath. But I like that; there’s nothing complex, no difficult instructions. Just the breath and you.
Marques Pizarro
Small wins and support
I learned that I am always supported, physically if that’s sitting on a cushion, mentally if it’s my positive thoughts, and spiritually when I listen to my soul. I realized the downward spiral I was heading, and leading my new day with it... fortunately this meditation brought me back. It did so with small wins. Little moments of presence soon snowballed into seconds of presence. Thank you 🙏🏼
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