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10-Minute Breath Meditation

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William James Davies, DCMT
Psychotherapist & Mindfulness Teacher
The shorter length of this recording is intended to help you to fit this important practice into even the busiest days of your life. Making space for this practice may just help you to create more space in your whole day, and, importantly, create more space for you to be present in your life. Breath meditations can help to develop greater regulation of attention, and insight into the ways our minds work. Remember, the intention here is to pay attention to the breath (Although you may indeed find it relaxing), and expect your mind to wander away for the breath; all minds do this. It is the process of noticing this distraction, remembering your intention, and coming back to the breath that helps to develop the psychological skill of attention
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Taking ten minutes out of the day may seem difficult, but it's worth it. Even 5 min to just breath
A clear and helpful narrative
A wonderful reminder as to how to start a day , relaxing and healthy.
I noticed that my back is paining me severely, si joint radiating all around glute,hip, even thoracic spine. I need an injection. I was and am aware of mourning. I’m not sure who I miss more, the living friend who has moved away, or the old friend who so recently died. I miss them both and I mourn each loss differently, but in the end, it’s possible that the one who has moved away is the one I will miss most.
Nice and Simple
Nice and simple meditation with no frills, no extras. The narrator’s voice is deep and soothing. This would be a nice beginner’s meditation.
Calm quiet mood
I find this helps out also trying to focus in relax and tune in to your surroundings when you’re in a quiet room ignoring any distractions going outside or just walking to the park and sitting down and practicing deep breathing or slow breathing while keeping yourself hydrated what nice cold water and or tea also a calm quiet mind set while you just focus on positive things in your day and or life oh and then just relaxing focusing and getting away from anything that is troubling you and coming back to the issue when you are more relaxed and ready to take on that issue remember you’re bigger than the issue and so much greater to do you not concerned yourself with such  petit issues and petty people and try to surround yourself with other people who bring you happiness even if that means leaving your old life behind you just not your friends becauseThey killed all care for you just remember who your real friends are and the fake ones A lot of times your family could be the issue yes sometimes it really could be your friends certain ones but only because your family or someone else told him or her to do it or paid them to do it either way what’s the people you cure for friends express.  as always protect yourself.
Marques Pizarro
I learned that during meditation sessions the mind can detour into worries and plans, but that’s the mind. Redirecting the mind to follow the breathe each and every time it needs to be guided enhances my awareness and focus.
Day 1
I was able to focus on my breathing, but was easily distracted by other thoughts. However, I was able to let those go and redirect myself to breathing. I also noticed that it’s difficult for me to breathe. Not sure if that’s my nervousness or the fact that I’m a smoker and my breathing is becoming more difficult.
Mind training
I feel peaceful with a voice guiding my attention to live in the sensations of my body in the moment. Beginning to let thoughts happen without judgement and then going back the breath.
Meditation 2
I found my mind wanted to latch on to something.. the thoughts were very random. I could feel the anxiety coming through