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108 Aham-Prema: Chanting Practice

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Bradley T. Morris
Meditation Guide, Author, Creator, Coach
Aham-Prema means “I am divine love” in Sanskrit. This practice will bring you into a deep space of self-love and acceptance. Be aware though, sometimes this powerful mantra brings up all that is not divine love and self-acceptance, so if "stuff comes up" while chanting it, soften your body, open your heart and surround it all with love.
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In the beginning of this chanting meditation I had resistance to the point of having to stop at 10 minute mark. After I observed myself for a moment I continued on with a open heart. I am so grateful for the wonderful experience of this meditation that I know I will continue to chant. 💯
Self love ❤️
Once again, I feel resistance to my self worth. I have to accept that in my moments of criticism and over thinking I will continue to cultivate self love. I am committed to try this chanting meditation for ten days to see how my inner child is doing.
at the beginning it seemed relaxing but when the guy started like “ahamprema” it was very creepy and not relaxing.
Distractions ARE the path
For some reason this particular session was rife with external distractions: pets uncharacteristically wild, noises, etc. I felt myself starting to get irritated and wanting to break from the session to change things, but his guidance to “soften to resistance“ made me realize that even the external forces at work were a form of resistance. So instead of changing things I just softened to them, realizing that distractions are not an impediment to progress, they are part of the progress. They ARE the path. This is a lovely session and I can’t wait to sit with more of Bradley’s meditations.
Kristen 🧘🏻‍♀️
A great way to start the morning. Favorited and downloaded. THANK YOU. 🙌🏻
Interesting mantra chant
I have chanted mantras before, but this session felt somewhat different probably because it was tuneful. “Singing” the mantra made breathing so much easier. Deepening breathing using the diaphragm seemed simpler thinking as singer.
For those with anxious hearts
I have always been described as “high strung” and have an anxious spirit. Recently I have been looking into meditation and chanting to help focus my mind. This session is a little on the long side and in my first time, I hit those resistance points but was able to breathe through them and refocus on the mantra. My faith background is Catholic and there was something in this chant that felt so comforting and grounding, similar to the feelings I have during mass. This was a great comfort and allowed me to fully embrace the mantra of His divine love and allow it into my heart ♥️
Divine Love
This meditation starts out with taking 10 full deep breaths to fully arrive in the present moment. To give thanks for this moment and count your blessings. Taking 2 deep breaths in, I chant the saying “Aham-Prema which means I am divine love. As I continued chanting this, I could feel love and light growing stronger in my heart radiating throughout my whole body. What an incredible feeling! As I continue throughout my day, I will approach everything with love. Thank you Bradley for taking me on an amazing journey this morning! 🙏❤️
Being of Love
Chanting is an ancient practice in many religions. Chanting can benefit us in many ways, such as improving cognition and combating depression as well as anxiety. In this amazing meditation, Bradley has us chant, Aham-Prema, which means ‘I Am Divine Love’ in Sanskrit, 108 times. Sitting with my legs crossed, my back supported and taking in some deep breaths, I had arrived. Following Bradley’s guidance, I took in a deep breath and began chanting, Aham-Prema twice. While chanting and vibrating my energy, I could feel layers, such as my insecurities and fears release and unravel much like new petals unraveling to expose a lotus flower in the morning sunlight. I remember having a somewhat uncomfortable feeling because by releasing my insecurities, my heart was exposed and vulnerable. But, it was in this uncomfortable feeling where I felt a transformation happen, as all of the sudden, my heart center was filled with this incredible light of love! Once I repeated this beautiful chant 108 times, I began to shape my breath by holding it for a time at the top of my inhale and at the end of my exhale. In those moments, there was stillness and just the sound of my own heartbeat. I began to smile as I could feel my heartbeat pump this light of love throughout my entire body, leaving me feeling flourished. Indeed, by the end of this transformational meditation, I had blossomed into this Being of pure love! Thank you Bradley for this awesome experience! I will definitely listen often. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️ Backstory: I was intrigued to listen to this meditation for two reasons: first with my friend Julie’s wonderful reflection and second with hearing chanting while watching a show last night. It was in those moments that I knew I would listen to this meditation this morning. Thank you, my friend! I am grateful!
No sorry that voice
That voice for mantra is not good talking is ok but when the mantra started ...
Divine Love
Thank you Bradley for facilitating this meditation. The light of love at first engulfed me with a warm embrace, then grew more heated that I saw all my fears and worries melt away. In the end, all that was left was love, gratitude, and serenity. This is one mantra I will pray often with my Mala beads. Gassho and Namaste. 🙏🏻💕
I really enjoyed this meditation
These are the moments I am reaching for . I look forward to more meditations like this
I felt at peace. Nothing I haven’t felt before, but it was like I am regaining that peace I once had
I learned that mindfulness is important to put what you want from the universe into perspective. To heal. To guide you through this experience, love yourself deeper than anyone could. This life test you and you should always remember to come back to yourself. This was deeply moving I’ll be playing this more often. What I more so enjoy is the background music continues to play once the lesson is over. It’s so relaxing and keeps me in a calm state of mind. I can feel myself gaining peaceful energy.
I learned that chanting works for me. Chanting allows me to visually see and feel the connection to myself and deep roots securing me to the ground. Chanting allows me to see the enery light filling me up and feeling the warmth of the light fell my entire body. I will be using this meditation 🧘‍♀️ more often. Nameste 😊
I love this meditation 🧘‍♀️ Chanting helps me release so much negative energy. I can feel the connection to my chakras when im finished this meditation 😊😌🌞
I feel great joy and warmth with this Prema meditation. I’m surprised that I could sit so easily for 30 min. There’s a glow.
I am familiar with meditation and mindfulness. I felt very relaxed and at peace.
What a powerful yet gentle meditation! I had never experienced anything like that before. More of these, please!!!
I’m not always patient enough to spend this much time on a meditation. Having said that, when I am and I do this one it is one of the best. I connect on a very deep level to what feels like Divine love. I so appreciate this meditation. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Pure unadulterated awesomeness, calming to the core and most divine!!!
Marques Pizarro
A fresh identity
I learned that, through this meditation, who I truly am. Contemplating, resisting, and observing my thoughts and ego, I learned about myself. I learned what is important to me. My values. I learned to detach from things. And I know I am connected to everything. Through love, by being loved. By giving love.
The doable
I’m really interested in the app as a tool kit for my healing practice. It’s very spiritual. I love the healthy lifestyle in this app.
I loved this. I have copd and asthma so breath work is difficult for me. The chant was beautiful I feel lifted
Serene comes to mind. Filled and lifted. Needed to take longer time between chants due to my bad breathing. But managed to keep up.
About 3-5 mins in, I began to feel sadness and the tears came. Still breathing and chanting, I felt a calm come over me. I have a feeling of stillness and stability after this meditation. I will be integrating it into my practice. Much gratitude❤️
A long over due peace
I noticed when asking for the divine, as the meditation mentions, a LOT OF bad or unimportant thoughts and worries came to mind. I began channeling negativity instead of divine peace or love. This meditation is going into my favorites list
Peace within
I felt tension and resistance at the beginning and slowly found my peace and tranquility, naturally forming a smile.
I felt so relaxed 😎 and full of peace and ❤️ I loved the image of green waves of love flowing, rippling out of my heart chakra to the planet- and then feeling those ripples come back. Over and over.