We Emit Our Love At All Times Without Exception. It is in our awareness of it that we participate and direct it
I love listening to my apps suggestions for me. I feel special and loved by the Universe through my devices. I believe Love is being transmitted regularly and the efts have been transmuted by Love. I remember a long time ago, when the internet came out that we were sending Love through the computer to each other. There is so much Love shined into the computer through it, that one person connected to the purity of Love with intention to share it was all that was needed. Ask and it is given. We were locked in our house during COVID and our need to connect and support others was so great that it brought a whole new level of love, compassion and appreciation that had never been seen before. Before COVID it was being sent during and after COVID, it was being received and that was the missing factor. Human Nature is loving, kind, giving, compassionate and pure Love. We have come with great purpose and it is time we step into it. Take time to truly remember your purpose. Connect with the Source inside of you who will remind you of the Truth of who you are. May all beings be happy, healthy and find liberation in each moment. Namaste