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10 Best Practices for Curing 'That Sunday Feeling'

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
The statistics are clear - that 'Sunday feeling' is most often triggered by anxiety of the impending workweek. If you've ever felt a looming dread on Sunday that falls upon you much like clockwork; as your mind anticipates Monday morning, the week ahead, and what you may wish you could avoid; then you likely know all too well what feels like... Finding the path you are meant to be on is the most effective method to cure yourself of that Sunday feeling - permanently. Learning more about how each type functions can help you create a map to manifesting a fulfilling and happy life. Episode Resources: The WISDOM podcast: debut episode in which we dive deep into all things about self-love The WISDOM blog; a post which gives you the science for why taking deep breaths are so important) How much sleep is enough? The WISDOM Blog and a post on how you can change thoughts that are not positive How to work with me: dorothyratusny.com
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I think this is perfect for what I feel rn
what should i do? do i quit? while we're under an uncertain period of the year, unemployment rate is high, not so sure if quitting is a solution.
Walter J
While Dorthy does an excellent job describing The Sunday Blues and giving a lot of social proof of it, I am not sure she ever got around to the 10 things that would help...!?! Of course I did hear to think positively (What you Think About, you Bring About) & Focus on what you want (Where Focus goes, Energy Flows) but I need to listen again to catch the other ones. This aligns with my 30-60-90 movement I am creating and spot on with my book I am re-writing after joining a Self Publishing Group. Life is so exciting & fun right now! No one should have to live thru the Sunday Blues for long! ❤️☮️🍀
I learned that I need to go deeper with Dorothy’s meditations to truly heal. Thank you for starting me on the right path❤️
Focus on what you want as an outcome. Let go of the past. Start over. Tell yourself you can do it. Stop dwelling in a negative way that comes from the past and start over fresh and new so positive things can surface at work. Working is good for your soul. We need money to survive. I must stay on track, find a new job that suites me and makes me feel happy and positive. Focus on getting what you want as the positive outcome of working a great job.
10 Sunday Blah Cures and 5 questions to see if your in the right job
I definitely fit the bill many years ago until recently that I was definitely stressed about the past and anxious every Sunday or when I was on shift work when my first shift would start like going to work Monday morning. As the day went on the worse I felt. I thought it was my depression and I didn’t understand anything about PTSD until the last 6-10 years. I’ve saved this recording to play it later and check in with myself about feelings of anxieties more so the days before I go back to work. Also I have thought many times I was way too stressed for this job. And considered quitting or retiring but I’m anxious and fearful I wouldn’t be wanted anywhere else and I would have to get a minimum wage labourer job to make ends meet and then retire in my late 70’s or 80’s. As it is I’m fighting to stay 2 more years then retire. And at the time I thought I would be good. Now with the economy, inflation and Susan, I don’t know? I’ll have to listen to this after I’m sleeping regularly and have time to forecast my retirement budget. BTO
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