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Science of Self-Compassion

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Want to understand how or why self-compassion actually works? In this session we look at the science of self-compassion and how self-compassion affects our brain. Learn all about the power of oxytocin and how to actually make yourself feel better.
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9 reflections
I don’t get enough oxytocin since I don’t really have any support from others and am not sure who really cares about me. (Not to depress anyone. I am grateful for the ones I know love me.) I don’t feel approved of by my mother and family so it’s hard for me to recognize when others really care for me. I’m finally realizing how neglected I was as a child thanks to meditating and slowing down my thoughts. The most torturous part of this is my negative self dialogue and fear based perspective. Mindfulness is the only thing that helps me relax and I’m learning how to love myself through the guided meditations. Thank you!
I learned that I gotta do less and connect to get that good feels!
Where’s the help?
This was a nice encapsulation of the physical and physiological aspects of how we feel stress and why but scant help in dealing with these things!
Dopamine < oxytocin
A support system can stop you from binge eating, spending unnecessary amounts of money, seeking temporary relief, etc.
Ugh 😑
Typically if a session doesn’t resonate with me, I don’t reflect on it. I simply move on. However this might be the worst 3 minutes I have ever spent with Aura. The presentation was read rather than the presenter speaking in an engaging manner. It was read as if it was a race to the finish line. Lastly, it gave a lot of data but no help. I would recommend passing by this one if you want to practice self-compassion.
I leaned that oxytocin helps release stress but I am confused on how we can make it our selves. So kind of helpful kind of not.
Learnt that comfort and soothing is better when going through difficult times. It’s nice to feel like we belong and cared for to release intoxitocin over the long term and becoming less stressed.
Where was self compassion?
I thought this track was going to teach us about self compassion and how to exhibit or give oneself self compassion. I didn’t see that occurring with this track.
Short term gain vs long term
Seeking support and compassion from others and ourself beats retail therapy or eating because of brain chemistry.