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Zen Story - a Cup of Tea

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
What is your cup filled with and what will you do about it?
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Zen Cup
Let be and let go. Emptying my mind and being in the moment, being in my safe place is where I find my body, mind, spirit and soul at peace, in balance and harmoniously integrated. I try to carry this with me throughout the day.
Zen in a cup of tea
To be quiet and still to be and let go is one of the hardest human interactions with oneself
Emptying My Cup
I learned that before meditating, I must empty my cup (or clear my mind of any past knowings) and live fully in the moment.
Feeling for reflectiond
I felt that this is exactly the reasons why in the past that i trouble with mediations, not letting go and being in the moment.
A Cup Of Tea
When it comes to learning, do not come so full of your own beliefs that you have no room. Come with an open mind and you will be filled. Thank you for the saying - let be and let go
A cup full or empty?
Every time I do anything on Aura, I strive to have an empty cup that will be filled with insight, a lesson learned, etc... Completely open to receive what is coming my way. Dies it always work? Well, of course no. But most of the time I am. It seems to come easier as I go along.
Emptying my cup
How do we let go of what we “know” so that we can learn? When what we know has protected us for so long?
Be open and let go of any ideas of how things should be. Thank you for that reminder
Empty your cup
Thank you, Nitima. Wonderful! Empty my cup to receive new teachings and more experiences. With an open mind. I really enjoyed that. Also, Nitima. I'm having trouble receiving you in my feed. I'm subscribed. I think I hit the wrong button one time and it will no longer send me things. Please let me know what to do. I miss you!
How fantastic that I get ….
….to tell you Monday, December 12 I just want you to have a Meritorious Monday, December 12th, but you share the Merry yet Monumentally Memories to you. Doesn’t it feel good with you? Today’s Gingerbread House Day (“Get creative decorating a tiny, edible home and have a friendly competition with family to see who can make the tastiest, prettiest, gingery house.”), Green Monday (“Although it might sound like a day that is meant to celebrate the environment, that’s not exactly the definition of “green” for this day. Instead, the idea for Green Monday was started because of the day’s relationship to money. After all, US dollars are green and have even earned the nickname “greenbacks”.”), and National Poinsettia Day; “To find out where the Poinsettia flower originated from, we have to take a look in the past. In 1480 to his death, Aztec King Montezuma adorned his palace with Poinsettia or Cuetlaxochitl as it was known by the Aztecs, having his people cultivate the flower as a gift from the Gods.” Do you feel that it’s almost worthy for you to want to share your Power of Forgiveness: On this later date (Wednesday, June 7th), I couldn’t agree to it more! ☯️🐝
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