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Your Sleep Charm

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Jane Mackler
Mindfulness Coach and Hypnotherapist
Discover your sleep charm, a companion to accompany you into the world of sleep. Through this relaxing hypnotic session, the sleep charm you are drawn to becomes embedded in your subconscious mind and will always be accessible to you. Your sleep charm will guide you into a deeply relaxed state so that you easily drift off into a deep sleep. It will be there in your subconscious always, just for you!
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2 reflections
I fell asleep quickly
I felt anxious and worried and figured I was going to be laying awake awhile so I pulled up this and was asleep before I knew it. Slept very sound and feel quite rested! Thank you so very much!
A Very Natural and Real Sensation
I really liked the fact that it was a very natural technique. I felt really relaxed because the therapy was very natural and the sensations I got, felt very real. I would like to do it again to find my own sleep charm as I don’t think I managed to get that last piece right. Highly recommend!
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