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Reaction Matters

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
This story demonstrates that we can't do anything about the situation but we can change the way we see it.
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Walter J
How we deal with adversity tells ourselves & others a lot about us. Nitima does a great job explaining this in her short story here. Do we let adversity harden us? Do we let it make mash us? Or do we adapt to it and actually affect it? The Choice is ours to make... ❤️☕️🍀
Wow! What a wonderful story! In times of adversity, what am I? Looking back, I would say that I was an egg when adversity would strike. The adverse situation would harden me. I thought this was how to successfully overcome adversity, but after meditating for many months now and opening myself to new ideas, I am understanding that I do not need to change who I am in the face of adversity. Rather, I have the power within myself to change my perception of what is going on. Quite the concept! There is always a positive, a lesson to be learned in all situations in life. We just need to find our power within and change our perception! Namaste ❤️☮️🙏🏻😊
I remember listening to this great story before, though I cannot find a reflection upon it! I need to temper my reactions to adversity better than I do. My coping skills, never terribly strong before are shot after my massive stroke. Today was a good example of this. Overloaded, I struggled through to the afternoon. I managed to accomplish all the tasks I set myself, made my appointments, helped my wife and son head off to a special movie screening about 3 hours south (his present for his upcoming 18th birthday!) But I'm wiped out! Just need to get my daughters fed and my eldest over to make her evening class at the college tonight. Then, as my therapist told me to do: Rest and relax until the wife and son get home late this evening.
Whenever I’m head to head with adversity I look at it as a problem instead of a challenge. I enjoyed this visual representation of how various people handle adversity because the truth is everyone faces unwanted situations on their lifetime. However, not everyone learns how to effectively handle their reactions. Great session. Very eye opening.
Life is challenge
We should be patient ,no matter how many trouble we face and how miserable our life is, we should keep fighting cause in the end we will find happiness even if it’s far we’ll reach it.
Your Reaction Matters
When faces with adversity, do not allow it to change you but take that adversity and change it into something! I try to say, what is this teaching me?
Change and uncertainty are going to happen irregardless if I want them to or not. Even if I plan ahead as much as I can to feel like I’m in control. I need to remind myself that it is how I react to each uncertain thought, situation, or even plain anxiety... is what matters. Instead of becoming crippled by fear or anxiety, I need to work on my reactions mentally.
Your Reaction Matters
I can never hear this story too many times. We all face adversity but do we allow it to make us soft or hard? Or do we take that adversity and use it to make something enjoyable
Your reaction matters more than what happens to you
This is such a great reminder that can never get old for me or anyone. I want to even use it with my third graders. Thank you 🙏
Egg is me sadly
Cool story made me realize I am a egg good story life lesson
This is such a good reminder to us that we often have more choices in the way we want to react to things… i think i am potato, egg and coffee
Potato, Eggs and Coffee
I learned that I can control how I will react. I had been reacting like an egg and now it’s time to become a potato and in this way I will help others.
All of us go through some sort of adversity in life. It is our reaction to it that will define us.
I learned that it is time to change the way that I look at a given situation. Overcoming adversity is about changing perception and looking at a situation in a different way. Instead of ‘why me’, say ‘what can I learn from this situation?’. Can I change it or is it beyond my control? If it is beyond my control, and I have no power or skills to change it, then let it go. Life always works out for the best in the end. Seek out positivity, and recognise that we all encounter bumps in the road. Sometimes it takes a little longer than we would like for them to smooth out, but everything always works out in the end. Patience and perception again.
Reaction matters
I just love this story and have heard it several times. I am grateful that it showed up for me today while I was dealing with a nasty stranger. Thank you
Well I have heard this story severely times. It seems that I even reflected and meditated on it 2 months ago. But it popped up again today to remind me that I cannot control the problem, only my reaction
By noticing how I’m feeling I can then decide how to transform that feeling into a more desirable one if need be
Proceed With Caution
I learned to slow down the moment. I can’t allow the tense pressurized feelings of difficult circumstances to rush me and rob me of the opportunity for a “thoughtful” response. Stop! Listen! Think! Then proceed with caution!
I’m a potato
But I want to be coffee. I can see the potential in small ways I help people, but to completely change the water around me takes to much. I want to learn.
Reaction matters
I learned that with whatever adversity you face, you have the choice to choose how you react.
Am I the potato?
I'm the potato, but faced with adversity I'm not boiled fully. I may soften, but not to a weak point. Well, maybe sometimes.... I'm not the fragile egg. I'm becoming the coffee beans! 🤭
I learned that I can be coffee in boiling water and make something new instead of becoming weak like potatoes or hard like an egg.