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You Are Valued No Matter What!

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
Don't let your value decrease because you're going through though time. You are special and you are valuable, no matter what.
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Our Worth
I learned today that no matter what conditions we are put under, our worth never decreases.
Potential for being open and learning.
Just a small suggestion in the life coaching recording helped me to shift my mindset from the past couple of days and remember how much potential I have if I stay in the right frame of mind.
Amy Elizabeth
Value Yourself - Ways to Value yourself
Learning that I ALWAYS HAVE VALUE and AM SPECIAL! Too short of a story.
You are valued no matter what
No matter how life and circumstances have crumpled and dirtied you, you have value. You are special!
I'm crying now
This lesson spoke to me so much I actually cried a little. Lol but um I loved it. I realized that no matter sugar happens my value will never go down. This has taught me that I deserve to be loved. I know I won't always believe this lesson, but I will remember it. If you are reading this, you are special and you are worth so much more than anything in this world.
Been so long
In the year since my husband died, I have heard that last line only from one person, my sister. She tells me that she doesn’t understand how I face what I daily face or go through what I daily go through alone. I tell her that I am so lonely but never alone for God is ever with me...even though the quarantine is depleting me and my only two friends are my service dogs whom I adore. They and, yes, even God, tell me those last lines every day now, too. Sometimes, love comes from the most and least obvious faces. I cried my way through this writing.
It’s a great analogy and makes perfect sense. Why is it so easy for us to devalue ourselves? We are still worth it !
You Are Valued No Matter What
I have recently lost my “Sistas” because they “assumed “they knew what was going on between one of the other “Sistas” partner & me. Too bad people assume the worst without waiting to hear the whole story. The only one talking to me daily is the Sista who’s partner is involved. She knows the truth. The others took something I am doing to help Sue & turned it into a filthy, sick soap opera. And the one that started the whole thing was my “BEST FRIEND, MY ANGEL. Never knew she had such a destructive heart. But I know I’m doing the right thing & I’m moving forward. They were never my “Sistas”. That was my NYC slang & my dream. It’s VERY hard to be close to some women. It’s easier to be friends with men. Always was, always will be. No catty, back stabbing, manufacturing stories behind your back shit. Men take you as you are, scars & all. They don’t give a shit about gossip. I’ll take men.
I need to remember that not matter what life tosses at me, I am still valuable
My value
Hearing this brought tears to my eyes. I didn't hear such things growing up. It felt nice to hear you tell me I'm valued and don't ever forget it! It felt slightly foreign to me. I felt aware of the lack of encouragement and positive reinforcement in my growing years. Maybe that's why I've had relationships with the wrong people at times. People that made me feel unworthy. I didn't value myself the way I should have.
You are valuable
What a great lesson! We all need to hear this from time to time. Tonight was the time that I needed to hear this and remember that I am valuable.
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