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You Are the Knower

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WITHIN Meditation
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(Guided by WITHIN teacher Devon Pipars) The most powerful few minutes you can spend, becoming aware that you are beyond any and all experience and circumstance!
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Being beyond
I learned that thoughts are always there but the only mean something when you give them power. You only let emotions get to you when you give them the power, you need to be beyond the thoughts and your body to have ownership of the power that they have on you.
Beyond those things
I learned that I often let bad things push me around, people or experiences. I learned that I need to focus on being above those worries, of my image, for example, and learn that those things are not dependent on those who genuinely care, and are not above the better parts of life.
Good morning
A good mediation season to start your day. Your thoughts don’t control you if don’t let them.
This meditation (I did the 7 minute version), reminded me that I am the knower. As the knower, I need to honor my intuition. For me, this was an easy meditation with powerful results.
This one I could relate to.
First one I felt was a great one to start my day I would like to have more of this. How do I keep this one to hear again and to share with my husband.
Kristen 🧘🏻‍♀️
Suuuuuuper peaceful. ☮️✌🏻
I didn’t want to open my eyes. Something that really stuck with me was “you are waiting for nothing.” It almost seems like those words were meant for me based on my current situation. ☀️
Neutral Observer
I found this to be a very peaceful, yet powerful meditation to begin your day with. I am the knower of my thoughts and feelings. A thought has no power unless I give it attention. Therefore, I will remain a neutral observer. In order to observe, I must be beyond what I am observing. I will trust and follow my intuition. Namaste! 🙏🏻❤️😊
Walter J
To observe without Judgement, To experience without emotion, To accept without labeling, This is to know the true nature of a thing. ❤️😑🍀
You Are the Knower
To see all things in a neutral space is to see truth in all lessons life throws at me. Ego, emotions, and judgment somehow color the view and muddle the insight the lesson wants to convey. I have learned that those lessons repeat themselves over and over again until I fully understand their meaning and purpose. Only then can I move on to newer challenges and experiences.
You are the knower; inhale peace, exhale anxiety and troubles of hectic days. Leave your ego at the door, because this avoid a your growth as a living being.
Her soothing voice and reassuring words helped me to feel relaxed and less rushed. I felt self patience more easily available and just generally felt relieved based on the ASMR aspect. Really liked it!
In and out
I am what is beyond, I know everything that rise whitin my consciousness.
I give passing thoughts too much power. I need to learn how to not acknowledge them.
I can be still for 6 min. I need to figure out how to let my mind rest and thought go when I feel overwhelmed.
I like the exercise if not engaging in rushing thoughts; being able to give them no attention or energy. I want to master this
Her soothing voice and the background sound of water and nature was so relaxing
~ liesel b ~
Sunday, May 24, 2020
You are beyond whatever circumstances you might be in, whatever thoughts you have, if you recognize that circumstances and thoughts do not have power. Whatever happens, the epitome of resilience is acknowledging that nothing can change your mental state if you don’t let it, and even further down this path, nothing can change your quality of life if you don’t let it.
I am an orchestra
What a well oiled machine my body is. All of these processes perfectly in sync & exactly timed to do what they need when they need it. Each part with its own role at keeping me whole. Acknowledging each other but not interrupting the system. Being able to do this removes myself beyond myself.. to observe from afar. I’m sure this observer would recognize the miracle of this perfect orchestra, too.
The knower mindset
I’m not the eye that suffer, I’m not the experience, I’m what it is in there watching, I’m the knower of all conditions within. Be aware, be beyond, when you are in the knower mindset you are beyond the experience, you are having more space to gain perspective.
Learning to observe but not engage distracting thoughts is something ongoing in my life this last little while. It really helps provide perspective about how my thoughts serve me.
Walter J
Being the observer of our situation allows us to experience what is going on without getting tangled up in it. No judgement, no emotions, no problems. It is what it is, so to say. It is like being inside during a light rain shower and opening the window. You can hear the rain, see the rain, even smell the rain but you are still dry. You did not feel the rain or get wet although everything outside is. Even if a little rain does come in, that’s OK too. This could really come in handy when dealing with unreasonable people or potentially unsettling situations...just open the window, sit back and observe the rain. ❤️💧🍀
Being Observant
In today’s lesson I learned that taking the time to observe your surroundings and any situations that come your way, always find a better solution rather then stress or get angry at the situation
So enjoyed the message, right timing!
I felt good releasing the tension built up over the weekend. Enjoyed the meditation and the message. Knowing that I am beyond whatever I face today and all days.
Walter , I just want you to know...
...that this meditation is really awesome! Thanks for turning me onto it. To the public; Would you please try it too? May you have a Groovy day/afternoon/night! ☕️🐝☕️
Detached Observer
In this profound meditation, we explore beyond our body, our thoughts and feelings and experience. Exploring in this way, we become a detached observer, not allowing any one thing to affect us. Sitting on a bench underneath a mimosa tree, I arrived at my breath. With my focus on my mind’s eye, I became aware of this body breathing on its own and perceptions of my environment that the five senses gave me. Exploring beyond this body, I am pure awareness floating by one of the tree branches looking down at this person sitting on a bench. Exploring beyond thoughts and feelings, I am pure awareness seeing them come up to the surface like bubbles and pop. Exploring beyond experience, I am the seer of the scenery. As the detached observer, I allow everything to be exactly as it is, without judgement or a need to change it. As detached observers, we realize that thoughts come and go. They do not have any power unless we give them attention. We realize that experiences are also fleeting moments in time. Just like thoughts, perceptions, images, feelings, emotions and sensations in the body, they come, stay awhile and then go on their merry way. Realizing this, suffering can be more at a minimum as we explore this life of ours. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Absolutely perfect meditation to start my day. Giving me the tools to conquer this Wednesday 💗
This was a perfect way to start my day. Calming and soothing.. I am the neutral observer, I like that saying. This was a very helpful meditation for me ❤️
Great Starts to Great Days
I’m a novice when it comes to meditation. Often my mind wanders from thought to thought, stressors I’m anticipating in my day to come. Although I continue to work at it through a variety of sessions, this one specifically seems to help guide and focus me. It’s been a fantastic addition to my mornings and led to some truly improved and great days.
Perfect also for the end of the day
I am very thankful for that guided meditation that helped me to unhook from the swirl of thoughts not allowing me to rest. 🙏
So try not to get pulled in by events if it is not necessary...?
I am the knower
Moving outside my thoughts and emotions is helping me not be controlled by my anxiety and depression
I am beyond my circumstances.
I have learned that I am beyond my limitations, hurdles, and obstacles. I am beyond my trauma and my insecurities. I am beyond the drama and negativity of my family relationships and I am allowed to move forward. I am beyond my self doubt and fears. Today I will move forward and today I will follow through. I will allow myself a peaceful morning and I will give myself the opportunity and persistence I deserve. I deserve a future doing my sacred work, fulfilling myself and others. I deserve a future of travel and being in nature as a part of my daily life. I deserve a future with my partner where work is not the focal point, but life and experience is. I will allow myself this future and I will begin creating it now. My new chapter starts today.
All enter, follow none
A nice break and reminder. There is nothing I need to do. Nothing to change. Thoughts can enter and I do not need to give them attention or follow them.
Thoughts have no power unless you give them attention- let them flow without getting involved and without judgement
Thoughts have no power unless you let them- allow them to flow without getting involved and without judgment
You are the knower
I liked this 3 minute guided meditation. It a quick way for me to destress, relax, and take a load off!
I learned that it is important to detach from my thoughts. Just be an observer. I noticed my feelings actually changed.
No need to “do” constantly. Softly reminded to be present and no need to acknowledge every thought.
I loved taking a break and being reminded that I am beyond my thoughts and experiences. I will use this as my midweek meditation and reminder!
I noticed a weight being removed from my body like when the stress that I had had gone away and I felt relieved
I tend to not take advantage of my mindfulness and I could take events that stressed me out a little better instead of yelling and screaming at people
Observing gives space to remove judgment
By stepping outside the feelings and observing without emotion, you gain power to choose and act rather than simply react.
I learned that thoughts have no power unless you give it to them.
I learned to take a step back and be an observer of myself, and that thoughts have no power if you allow yourself to observe and let them pass.
You Are The Knower
You are more than your thoughts. You can have thoughts but you do not have to engage or be controlled by them. Let them pass.
6th sense
It definitely was a good pick for me today because it was teaching me exactly how to deal with an upcoming situation today that I don’t think is going to be positive and this mediation gave me exactly what I needed to hear to handle the situation and how not to react when I know what is coming which will be disappointment and frustration and anger and sadness and this meditation reminded me not to let the outcome consume my thoughts and to just accept and let it go. I still have hope for the future and that things will eventually start improving, I just have one hell of a lesson to be learned this time, about 6 weeks worth so far and no end in sight for the near future but I just need to keep believing that although this has been the most painful time of my life, and I thought I knew pain lol I had no idea until now about how painful life can be and even though I’ve wanted to give up several times I just pray and talk to mom, she’s my guardian angel and I truly believe that although she isn’t here physically any longer that she is still communicating with me and if I take the time to quiet my mind I can hear her telling me just one more day, just get through today and we will deal with tomorrow tomorrow and so on. She is the one giving me the strength to keep going because without that I certainly would be dead by now, and it’s sad to write that. I thought I had been through hard times, depression and suicidal before in my life but nothing even comes close to comparing to the last 6 weeks. But talking to mom and meditation and my self help apps and mental wellness apps have been a saviour during these very lonely isolated times and have helped me tremendously with coping with a shattered heart and a time of excruciating loss, betrayal and an insurmountable sense of loss and abandonment. Thank you aura for helping me through this and will continue to help me through until I can see even a glimpse of light at the end of this very long dark path.
It was good to wake up and begin with this meditation. I still have to work on focusing and listening to the words that are being said. I will continue to work on that
You Are The Knower
It felt good to wake up and listen to this. It woke me up and now I feel energized. This was amazing! 🙂
I learned that I can step outside and be the observer of myself and evaluate my responses & unplug from the matrix .. see the matrix
Remaining Neutral
I learned that I can remain neutral to my thoughts by not engaging in them.
Being the one who knows
I learned through this meditation that the body senses and sensation but you know I’m there own but I do not need to get wrapped up in trying to experience everything and control my body. I can simply relax when meditating. I also learned good idea to observe what is going on with your thoughts and feelings step away from being so involved with your thoughts and feelings endgame the perfect of the neutral observer This meditation if you useful for me because sometimes I let my thoughts and feelings take me over and go down the rabbit hole of negative thinking hopefully if I can merely answer know what I’m thinking and feeling without becoming emotionally invested in my feelings and thoughts, The negative thoughts I have will lose their power if I don’t get my tension. Hopefully they will just passed this meditation hopefully they will simply pass with meditation for dress dress dress suggest. I learned that the binders my back without the moon stone or judgment but they will be less likely do you like me emotionally. I found this meditation usually relatable because I am in grad school for sociology and sociologists are taught to separate what is objectively happening from thoughts and feelings in order to produce better sexual research. Hopefully you think what I’m learned through the social sciences will help me to observe my thoughts and feelings more neutral and become more connected with my emotions without letting me bring me down no means negative. I am grateful for the folks at Sara for teaching me the importance of being aware of everything I am feeling do you think this lesson I candy we more mindful oh why emotion and able to observe the new Troy  enable to observe the new truly and able to observe the new truly neutral way in a neutral way brighter than allowing them to ever come to me to overcoming me . I am also for the art community for taking the time to read this post. I hope everyone is OK, happy, and well. M m M B
It’s a great sense to feel with oneself and in all self assurance.
Feeling free
I felt like the app knows exactly how I’m feeling on a given day. It sees that I am feeling anxious about something and knows just how to quiet those fears with a meditation.
All my senses still work. My ears still hear. During a meditation the other night Beau did mention to use all my senses when doing the Beach Run Meditation.
Walter J
Love how calming her voice is! Was able to instantly relax & let go. Great thought I took from the short session... a thought has no power until we consciously focus on it. Once we focus on it, our feelings about it start bringing more energy to it making it the predominate thought that we must focus on and we can get sucked into a Cycle of thought about it. Very useful if a positive, beneficial thought. Keep thinking about it and develop it more fully. Very harmful if a negative, detrimental thought. Learn to say “cancel thought” and immediately think of something good, right & positive. Truly, where focus goes, Energy flows!!We must learn to use our Will to choose what we focus on! ❤️💪🏼🍀
a thought has no power if you pay it no artention
calming your thoughts they are fleeting and like clouds will float away
A new way to be
This was incredibly powerful to me. It gave me a place to continually center myself in every day life.
You are the Knower
REMEMBER- you don’t have to actually engage with thoughts or circumstances if they are ones you don’t want filling your head. You are beyond a lot of the things that happen inside you because a lot of them are a choice. You can choose to feel sadness and anxiety or, alternatively, simply be a neutral observer.
i have always been told that i'm a great observer; so why not use it for my own mental health ?!? ✌️☺️
Change is great
I’ve noticed that once I started to treat my body & mind better that my life is amazing. I cannot describe how differently I am. Truly a blessing!
jess 🧡
i had a really stressful few hours, just running around feeling like a lunatic, but it was really nice to sit, unwind and release with a meditation such as this one. i am truly grateful for this 🙌
Marques Pizarro
Detached and the observer
I learned that if we observe and let be, we can be the master of our mind. Not giving thoughts, stories, or external events power is the power of being the observer. Letting go peacefully is a powerful skill
Centered focus
I want to work on centering my thoughts and being present in the moment.
Nothing to Control
Interesting concept for the morning. Is it really necessary to control anything? Namaste
The Knower
Thank you for reminding me that I am so much more than my thoughts and feelings. I am the Knower
Being more
I like the concept of acknowledging my thoughts without given them my attention. I think that is is so important. So many times in my life I could've kept going without giving certain things, thoughts, feelings, or people my attention. It would've made such a difference. Learning about being something far behind what I've ever known has such deep meaning for me.