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You Are More Than Your Feelings

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist Psychotherapist
You are not your feelings rather they are an experience and it's changing. Give space for all feelings so you can notice the changing nature of them. You are much more than your feelings so be open to experience them and let them go.
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Feelings pass, and we are not defined by them. They are an experience, and we must learn to live through those and make the most of it.
Great Meditation
An excellent guided meditations... We hold on to feelings (consciously and unconsciously), but we are not the feeling... We are so much more!... take those feelings, embrace and greet them, and let them go... Life is change...
You are more than you’re feelings
I was able to refocus after hearing my dog bark and wine for his dinner and that i as whole being am able to feel emotions and feelings without them consuming myself.
backyard universe
As I sat reading in the afternoon sun a flutter came from inside a bush a pair of prospective parents worked together with purpose hopping down little feet scurrying searching for just the right pine needles and twigs And then, with beaks loaded, they disappeared into the green leaves, flurry of feathers making the branches dance “If there’s a bustle in your hedge row don’t be alarmed now, it’s just a spring clean for the May Queen.” - L.Z.
Letting go
I learned that holding on to my feelings is what makes them linger. I need to detach myself from them as they are not permanent
Letting go of stress and anxiety
I have three weeks left until my first year of college is done. I am just about ready to start a math test and I just needed to get that reminder that “I feel stressed” and “I feel anxious” is a more clearer way to say how I am feeling rather than just say you are these things.
Letting go of my feelings
I feel shame a lot, and I need to learn to let that go. I’m me and I am more than my shame.
Letting go of your feelings
This meditation was great. I really appreciated she said in this exercise. Take care of yourself, be gentle with yourself. 🙌🏼🙏🏼🧘‍♀️
My breathing is so shallow
And I experience judgment about it; I wish my breath could be smooth, even, slow and relaxed. It’s hard not to feel uncomfortable with a constricted breath 😫
Running towards it
Feelings come and go. My feelings don’t define who I am. By embracing my feelings I can grow and move past them.
Started to get tired of feeling this way
It's becoming a nuisance. Every time I have to go to work. Anxiety just start to pump through my veins. I just want to be me. I'm scared to be me. The real me is not normal enough. I'm tired of putting on faces and facades all day. My mind is running it's self into the ground. Im thinking of switching from full time to part time work to have more time for my mental health because my physical health is being affected too, as I look tired and piqued all the time now. I can do this work day. Ive got to. much love to all
I learned
I often, too often, let my anxiety/sadness/depression get the best of me and let it suffocate me to a point that I am scared to even leave my house and be around people. I need to learn to stop letting it take over and accept the joy and that the sadness or anxiety I am feeling is only temporary and it is a feeling that I am able to let go. It is only temporary!
This moment doesn’t define me
This meditation couldn’t have come at a better time. I learned that I am more than what I am feeling right now. It will not remain. It will pass. I can choose to let it consume me or I can remain strong and get through what is causing me stress, sadness, and anxiety. I will not let these emotions win.
I feel broken, a fragment of myself, shattered—like so many pieces of glass. I can’t escape the pain. I have tried. Distraction is only temporary relief. My feelings follow me, but they are not me. I am more—and I will be more. Eventually.
Easier Said Than Done
Yes, I am not reduced to my feelings. I am more than my present emotions. But to guide me to change those feelings in a moment without instructions is not too helpful.
Accept yourself
I am learning to accept myself and my emotions. My emotions are powerful and overwhelming. This meditation helps me label what I am feeling and move past it.
Not defined by my feelings
This message is very impactful. I need to use this one again and again to help me be kind to myself and to acknowledge my feelings but not let them control me.
Stressful day working as a civil servant
I feel I don’t have the ability to be compassionate with myself yet I have so much kindness for those in need around me. However, that is just what it is- a feeling. If I possess the capability to give others understanding and compassion I can treat myself in the same way. I’m too hard on myself, and need to focus specifically on my wellness rather than constantly convincing myself my feelings are my truth.
More than my feelings
I am much more than my feelings. That is such a good reminder!
releasing stress and my emotions
As I listened to this, I felt as if i was just letting go of everything bad going on right now. I learned that I am not my feelings and people usually hold onto their feelings. But we should understand they are just in the moment.
Hard on myself
I’m terribly hard on myself so it was a nice reminder to be kind and gentle to myself because I’ve been the exact opposite for quite some time. Hoping to change that.
You are more then your feelings ☺️
I learned that letting go of my feelings is very important and a must for moving forward and being my true best self. I tend to let my feelings linger and get the best of me and effect me. My feelings are just an experience, they too shall pass. We aren’t defined by are feelings we’re way more then our feelings, we’re a whole being. Letting them go and not keeping the negative ones around for a long time is so important. I heard this message at the right time, I’ve been very mad, negative and sad the past week or so. Not my normal positive self and it was like I really needed to hear this. We’re hardest on our selves and this really helped me realize that even though I haven’t been feelings the best and my normal self my feelings aren’t defining who I am. It’s just an experience! I definitely will be letting them go and focusing on releasing them more often.
I noticed that as I was meditating I started to feel physically lighter and once I opened my eyes I took a deep breather and felt better because I was able to let go of the feelings of stress and anxiety.
Feeling really sad
I found out my a friend died this morning I will miss her she is was a sweet lady I will remember her & thinking of her
Feeling really sad
I found out my a friend died this morning I will miss her she is was a sweet lady I will remember her & thinking of her
Tough day for Aura
This was the third session I attempted today. All three of them had difficulty continuing. Not certainly its an Aura app issue or an internet/wifi issue here in the house, but now I'm just fristrated. More than I was to start. Poo.
It’s hard....
It’s difficult to comprehend that you are so much more than the feelings carried or burdened at any particular time. Sometimes they are so overwhelming that they can and will overtake your every day life! But, it is then that we can truly get a glimpse at our WHOLE self to understand we are so much more than that feeling or emotion we are carrying. These overwhelmingly provocative sensations of sadness, joy, anxiety, pain, and any other that overtakes the self or mind can often take us to the point of feeling that is all we can see of ourselves (maybe that’s all our friends and family see as well), yet we are so much more. The EASIEST WAY to break that emotion/feeling sensation is to HELP someone else by physically lending a helping hand, listening, being there for another during their suffering, play with or enjoy the company of someone, reading to others, learning an art form with a group of elders or youngsters, becoming a docent in an art that you love, and on and on. Basically, get out of your own head so you can see the silver linings all around and ENJOY each one by pointing them out to someone else caught in that same self-destructive personal fog!
Day 18
The feelings, the worries, stressors... don’t define me and who I am. I love knowing I am more than them.
The endurement of emotion correlates with the ideology of a versatile journey to discover one’s inner self
I will be mindful of my feelings each day and understand how these feelings won’t last. Very nice experience to realize my feelings are a choice
Feelings are changing
My feelings change consistantly and it really affects my whole mood til i relax, face them and let go and move on, sumtimes it only takes a few mins or a few hours
I’m non stop sad and I hold it in so I’m stand off-ish and can’t communicate well with others without lashing out because of how sensitive I am but this was okay I guess
I seem to always be paranoid and the little things tend to make me very stressed, anxious, and sad
Those will simply go away and slowly will get better as I communicate and learn
i learned that we hold onto feelings longer than we need to, and that you can change the way you feel you just need to know that the way you feel doesn’t define you
Finding the good...
I had trouble following the speaker’s voice and words, but I want to find the good... I like the analogy that trees look so different when you see them, but really they are all the same, just like people. I see a lot of different trees when I walk my dogs, so maybe I’ll think of this analogy the next time we go for a walk. I think this will help open my eyes to see passed differences and to instead see similarities between people... we’re all human in the end 😌
I noticed that
I respond better to guided meditations that have me focus on something concrete, like my breathing, than those that want me to examine my feelings.
i learned that emotions are not forever and you have a lot of control over them.
I’ve learned
I’ve learned that life will go on , and I won’t be stuck in this loop of sadness it will get better I know it.
This too shall pass
Today is my first day at a new job. I just got hired at taco bell and I’ve been feeling kind of down like really? Fast food? I don’t plan on staying in the job but it still got at me. But it’s okay it’s just a temporary position and I’m not going to be where I am now ten years from now.
This too shall pass
I get too stuck in my negative emotions. It’s so important to acknowledge them and know they will pass. This is just an experience.
You Are More Than Your Feelings
Do not let your feelings be one you identity. Feelings are normal but let them pass. Do not dwell on them.
Releasing feelings like fireflies.
I learned I can hold a feeling gently as I would a firefly in my hands. When I’m ready I release these feelings by opening my hands and joyfully watch that feeling pass. With grace and kindness I am aware of each feeling acknowledging them one at a time and slowly releasing each when I’m ready.
Come and go
I love what she said that we feel something a bit longer such as sadness and loneliness because we tend to hold on to them and then we become our emotions. I think this is also true, not just with negative feelings, but also negative people. So, we really need to learn how to acknowledge them, then let go.
I am not my feelings. I am able to meet my feelings and treat them kindly.
I leanred that I am so much more. More than my feelings, they are temporary and not forever. Even if you‘re feeling like falling apart, it‘s not forever. It makes you stronger and get you to know how to handle the bad things in life.
I’m much more than my feelings
These feelings can be deceiving. And can blind you blocking you from your goal or journey to life . I’ve also learned right now what is going on with me is to pay attention to other people . Intently to what they are saying and actually like love people be genuine not fake or pretend to like somebody
May be difficult if you don’t want negative feelings brought up
I am not defined by my emotions at any moment and logically know that they are temporary, but it is hard to feel those sometimes and not have it resonate throughout my whole self. I need to focus on any other aspect of my being to distract myself from the overwhelming sensation that feelings can bring. I also need to stop and think rationally, because often I am making more of a situation that is fueling my emotion, than is necessary in relation to the reality of the situation. Don’t dwell. Don’t resist. Keep busy and stay positive.
More in tune with myself
After doing this meditation I felt calmness set in. Although I was trying to fixate my mind on one feeling, I started feeling stressed so I just went with that feeling. They shift back and forth like waves coming and going. I’d like to use more imagery next time like envisioning myself on the wave surfing. It brought up lots of emotion to the surface, so I was a bit overwhelmed at first. Finally, releasing these feelings by just acknowledging them and seeing how they come and go and don’t reflect my entire being, just accepting them as an experience, really made a difference in how I felt. I want to lean into more of the compassionate and confidence aspects of the practice.
I am much more than my feelings that I’m experiencing. Worried and annoyed and now i feel light inside. XO! This too shall pass.
Seven months later
Listened to this lesson seven months ago. Was having technical issues with the app at that time. Headed our to our favorite beach today because the gray whale migration has them going through right now! Should be a fun day. Stocked up on sandwiches and salads for the day. Oh! And because it’s me: https://youtu.be/SSR6ZzjDZ94 😂
More than feelings
This is a common sentiment that is important to remind ourselves of again and again, because it is a difficult concept to fully embrace when we are in the midst of any feeling: painful or joyful. Being human, I think it often seems like we are “always going to feel this this way” just because that is what our puppy mind tells us. We are not actually what our feelings are telling us but it takes a moment, sometimes longer than other others, for us to remember when are in grip of worry, or pain, even intense joy, to pause and observe the feelings, learn what can be learned from the experience and move on with your day.
I don’t have to identify with my feelings, I can let them go.
I have the ability to change the way I am feeling! I do not have to be in a bad mood. I can change my mood and feel positive.
It is better to move through life being hopeful and content...
Day 4
I feel better each day I take a few moments and that it doesn’t take much time
There is a wealth of mindfulness here! Feelings are feelings..,and nothing more. What makes them Positive or not, is the light or dark mindset within. And feelings will change, when you “change” your mind. This too shall pass! ❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏☮️☮️☮️
That I am I am more then surface. I a more then a reaction within myself..
I’m sad
I am deeply sad at this point in my life but if I give it time and I continue to take care of myself I can overcome this sadness and be happy once again
It's ok to feel sad. It will pass each day brings new things.
It's ok to feel sad. It's just feelings. We can move on love each day
You are more than your feelings
I learnt that it’s ok to be sad sometimes and I loved how she kept on reinforcing that you are more than your feelings
I learned that your emotions shouldn’t control you. You’re allowed to feel how you feel just know that it will pass.
This one came at the perfect moment!
I had a really bad day today for two very specific reasons, both which i wish to relegate to the forgotten realm! Anyways i was really dwelling on my hurt and anger- both of which were just but neither helped me or their causes. These are mine, i acknowledges them, but then choose to let them go- i will not become a bitter person!!!😁😇😁
I have just had a wow moment!
I felt confidence flowing through my body, giving me the energy I need. It is all within us! So grateful for that meditation!!!
More than my feelings
I love this one. When I begin to feel overwhelmed, I will complete this.
Waves of feeling
I will try not to hold onto my feelings at the time they occur but instead let them ripple through then exit like a wave rolling through me, leaving me not exactly as before but at least intact. Namaste
Enneagram 4
A reminder that I am not solely my emotions is especially important for me who is a type 4 on the enneagram.
I learned that I am not my feelings, they are just relating to my experiences and are flowing and changing and I can use meditations like this to help let them go and move on with my day. Great when this morning I felt like crying for no obvious reason. One to save and come back to at times I’m sure.
Embracing Emotions
Today I am faced with a death in the family. Feelings of sadness, loss, renewed remembrance of mortality - all mixed in a cocktail of grief. I embrace these feelings and try to gently infuse them with memories of happier times, believing that all these will pass. I am reminded again to live each day meaningfully and mindfully. Let be and let go. 🙏🏻
I learned that I am in control, & I am capable of regaining my control if I lose it!
You are much more
We need to understand that emotions, they come & go -they are just experiences in your life; they dont define you in any way, because you are an entire being composed by so much more. Learn to feel, then, grow & let go.
I create stressors that causes panic in my life. I constantly over think situations that I shouldn’t. My brain is constantly on a warpath.
You are much more!!
I learned that I'm not my feelings, I'm much more. I just need to let them pass, they are just emotions but not me.
I. Learned that I should not hold on to my feelings , but let it go.
I don’t know why life has to do awful things to you, but I learned that your feelings don’t control you. You can feel what you feel, but eventually everything will be alright.
Healthy Release
It is possible to acknowledge and spend time with my mourning and still legit go.
I noticed that she talked a lot about losing weight, furthering the idea of body shame and the stigma that people living in larger bodies would feel “more confident” and “more alive” if they lost weight.” You’d think a life coach would know that feeling confident and happy comes from within and has nothing to do with your shell.
Feelings are experiences
I loved this meditation, and the truth explained therein that feelings are just experiences. Those experiences help shape you, but the feelings will pass. You will get through these difficult experiences. You can do this! Let those feelings come in, feel them, and then let them go. 🌿😊🌲
Nitima, perfect for today! Needed to release empty feelings! Practice guided me through acceptance and release! Will revisit often! Thanks.
We are much more than our feelings
You are not your feelings. Feelings rise and pass; we tend to hold on to them but we are more than our feelings. Feelings are just an experience. Recognize where you hold those feelings. Be patient and lean towards them, not away. Be kind and compassionate with yourself, it’s just an experience. Bring your mind home by focusing on your breathe.
Our Feelings and Experiences
I learned that the feelings I feel do not define who I really am as a person and that they are only based on the experiences that I have had.
This was actually nice and calming
This was the first time using the app. I like it so far, after spending 10 minutes to myself and not touching my phone right when I wake it, then this 3 minutes of meditation... enjoyed
Welcome Home
Good to be aware of what’s sourced within me vs what’s coming in externally. Namaste
I am not anxiety
I learned that my anxiety is not who I am. It is an emotion that I may be experiencing at this present moment in time. It can pass. It will pass.
I am not me feelings. I can have compassion on myself, accept my feelings, & know that this too shall pass. I can choose to move on with my day & choose joy.
I found that I am not as special or important in my partners life as he is in mine. I found out that EVERYTHING I have been doing to make him happy has gone COMPLETELY unnoticed, and the only things that have been noticed are the negatives.
I am not my feelings, not just a happy or sad person but I also am I joyful person. Whatever feeling that you’re sensing at the moment take note of it and pay attention to where it is and be compassionate about it and it’s only an experience and it will pass
Sometimes all I can do is feel. Always deep sadness that I’m here in this place in my life. I want to feel happiness and joy and all the positive emotions but at the moment all I feel is sad and anxious. I’m working on it, it is all I can do.